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  1. They may have meant that they developed the "detection system" in the past, but never actually banned accounts that it flagged, now they are rolling out a new system that will start banning those detected accounts.
  2. The only way I have done it is to convince SC support that the clan name is offensive, or that it contains your real name. They changed the in-game support system though, and now it's very difficult to even open a ticket.
  3. Default siege donation spelling Currently the default donation text for siege machines is only plural, as follows: wall wreckers sieges wreckers battle blimps sieges blimps stone slammers sieges slammers However this looks like broken English and is almost never used, because any level CC can only ever hold one siege. I suggest adding the singular text of each siege to the defaults. These would be: wrecker blimp slammer I understand this is a minor point and easy enough to add ourselves, but it seems reasonable to include the proper spelling of these by default.
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