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  1. This is how most big games have done it, including World or Warcraft and others, but in those cases the ban waves were more massive. The recent SC ban was fairly small I think, maybe even small enough that each ban had a human decision. I think we have to wait and see whether they will follow up with automated bans or not. So far it seems they dont want to lose all their botters.
  2. Ban Info - Clan Leader, Friend List, Clan Chat Looking for recent info about what happens when an account is banned. If anyone has up to date info please share, much appreciated. 1. What happens to leader position in a clan where the leader is banned? 2. What do friends see when an account on their friend list is banned? Does the banned friend remain on their friend list, or is it removed? If it remains, does it look any different than active accounts? 3. Do banned accounts still appear to "leave the clan" in clan chat when they are banned? Thanks!
  3. Interesting, voted in not banned.
  4. darwinian

    how low

    I used it with TH5 a long time ago and it worked fine. You just have to watch it a bit closer and it quickly fills up resources.
  5. It looks like your bot is looking for Nox. You can use this tool to select emulator:
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