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  1. good evening, did you create your own discord server? it only works on a server where you are admin or this type of permission, I use it and I configure this in 5 minutes it's very simple
  2. yes it must be normal, because the window where appear the supercell id to change, if you now notice we see the name of the village and the activity since the update
  3. I also do the same when I create a new instance with MEmu, I just restarted my computer and they are again detected by the bot
  4. @Boldina: after 48 hours non-stop the bot is extremely stable and everything works perfectly, a question or suggestion: is it possible to have the possibility of having the choice of the smartfarm for attacks on "active" villages? thank you
  5. not necessarily faster than a human, the bot "simply" deploys ranger troops, it would shock me to see an attack of this type against me, especially since it is attacks on inactive after you adjust the speed of deployment according to your troops it's simple before the last modifications of Boldina on the smartfarm.au3 I still had fails, my troops barely got in, and since yesterday with 4.2.9 it's at the top I quite often manage to get the 50%, you just have to just the best deployment rate
  6. Hi ! , concerning my strategy, I am simply in barch (260) I am really lazy with the farm, with my heroes which are alternately improving, I easily do 20M per day in yellow and pink, I am a new Th12 I had stopped playing coc, I decided to put my back a few weeks ago with the bot (first the stock then with that of Boldina!) There were some versions of the smartfarm.au3 to modify with a really difficult deployment even at maximum speed, my troops barely deploying was ruined when arriving at the walls (I only attack inactive villages) and I asked Boldina if he could modify (go back to
  7. It Was a best smartfarm attack 🙂 thank lot ATM is a best version of your modded mod @Boldina I just wait for 6h break personnal if reload is ok
  8. Boldina my friend I don't know if I'm alone in this case, but after 6 hours of bot (v 4.2.7) when there is the mandatory personal break, when you have to resume, the bot blocks the page of the games and in the log, I have "cannot find reload button" with AutoIT errors which appear on my error, I know at all where it can come from, I don't know if I have to dock the bot / memu, thank you for your help. FYI: I have not yet tested the very last version
  9. hey Boldina I just down the edit version of your github: SuperXp and Chat troop request is up and running, thank you very much! concerning the smartfarm attak even by making the modifications, I find that the script is worse than that of your bot 4.2.6! the deployment is less well done
  10. the speed of the "smartfarm" attack even with a deployment speed of 1/1 whereas on the old version of the bot, it was much faster, the troops arrive in very small packages and they are destroyed very easily
  11. this is exactly the problem you have found! Great Yeah
  12. I just check the box, request troops in the chat, and I also have the box "request troops" with a custom msg also to check if I deactivate the second I have no request for troops from the bot
  13. hi, thank you for your work first of all chat request don't work, the chat opens but it does not find the right markers do you just have to modify the coordinates of the "Chat Request.au3" file? I tried, but I do not know much. here I know that there may be more important to improve that's why I tried it myself if you can solve this, thanks a lot
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