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  1. I was botting during CWL week.. but not the war attacks. Getting you a screenshot in a few. https://imgur.com/gallery/prfRMiR
  2. For those banned - did you bot during cwl? I feel like this has a lot to do with it too. I had lost one account about a month ago. I was botting in my clan during cwl - which I had heard was a NO while in champs 1. Just spittballing here to see if its if it’s a common thing. I can get a screen grab of the one account that got banned- if you don’t believe me lol
  3. They won’t just blindly assume people who stopped attacking. They’re a development company - they will create their own warden type system to do it for them. For people who have been banned - how many are involved in cwl?
  4. Kind of in the same mindset. I lose nothing, they lose my gem purchases.
  5. Question to those who lost accounts: what league were you in? i bet it’s more targeted at the legend league pushers.
  6. How many bots would this be able to run? 2x Xeon 5670 processors. 16gb Ram.
  7. I think this would be a Xeon 5600 12 cores total. 16gb Ram - and id put a graphics card in it.
  8. Xeon professors - old server Would you be able to run multiple bots - let’s say 6-10, on an old power edge server with Xeon processors, compared to a more modern day pc?
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