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  1. actually the request part is fine. its the donation thats not working. camps and siege are full. where do i get the log? https://imgur.com/a/9QHy8RQ
  2. request troops not happening i have it enabled and with a full schedule set but its not requesting troops. v7.7.7
  3. not true. i was botting 24/7 up to the ban date and still didnt get banned (stopped just now for cwl week)
  4. Asian clans tend to do it. Edrag loons. The bot can triple pretty often lol
  5. I use scripted attacks and didn’t get banned. I also rarely log onto the account on my iPad. Your theories aren’t are correct. And they are just that - theories.
  6. I ran a csv and didn’t get banned was even botting during the bans <shrug>
  7. that last piece of info is very useful. thanks!
  8. I am using a CSV file in high Champs/Low titans and didnt get banned.
  9. curious how many people are involved in CWL...that were banned
  10. Attack Now button? Does this still exist? is it only a mod or am I missing it?
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