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  1. gapfaction

    New Update

    Jam11 you can always donate bro. Im sure they would work much faster if everybody donate a little. Anyway, Scorpion, i fixed! I downloaded the aupdated autoit and did all the steps again. I noticed that there is 2 "Global $aFindMatchButton[4] = [195, 480 + $g_iBottomOffsetY, 0xFFBF43, 10] ; Find Multiplayer Match Button, Attack Screen 860x780 without shield" on the script, so i changed both. And this time it worked!
  2. gapfaction

    New Update

    Thank you for the help but i beleive the problem is on Autoit, so I will update my autoit version and try convert that file again to see if it works.
  3. gapfaction

    New Update

    Thank you Nyev for the effort. I did what you told but i get an error: AutoIt Error Line 87180 (File""): Error: Illegal text at the end of statement (one statement per line).
  4. gapfaction

    New Update

    Atack Button suggestion Hi folks from Mybot.run Thank you so much for all the work you put on it. I would like to suggest to apply something similar to the locate TH or Laboratory feature for the atack button. So whenever comes an update we can do it fast. So, you have time to work on other features and we dont need to stop looting. I have no idea if this is possible, Im just suggesting. Thanks again.
  5. gapfaction

    New Update

    Eucode, that´s because of the update of June, when they changed the "atack" button. This happnes everytime an update comes. I beleive we have to wait the mybot.run fix that. If everybody that uses this bot could help a little with donations, im sure they would be able to do it much faster though
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