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  1. I beleive that using that kind of atack will be hard to SC prove that you use Bot, and ban you. But nothing is for sure. Like you said, using bot for only 2-3h a day is meaningless, so, no human can farm more than that right? Anyway, I agree, bot is for farming only. I was using the account in wars and league lately. Also, TH12, but untill TH10 it was all manual farm, and gems. So why ban account like that without a warning?! They could at least give a penalty, downgrade the TH 2 levels or something.. Well, I wish you good luck, but i would recommend you to quit using bot for a while. Or farm manual for 2h and bot for another 2 maybe... One of my accounts was banned and it was not even botting for a week or more.
  2. I do not know the answer to that. But I beleive they did a ban wave on that specific day and time, because I lost another account on that same day and time, and it was using bot when it got banned. So my account ( the one I was not farming) was already on the black list just waiting for the wave.
  3. I got banned and was not even using it for more than a week.
  4. Hello friends from Mybot. I got 2 accounts banned on monday october 14th of 2019 at 07:11 am local time ( or 11:11 am GMT). On 2 accounts simultaneosly. One of the accounts I was not even farming for about a week or more. ( so I will not post picture, there are not one) The other account I was farming at the moment, along with another account that was NOT banned for some reason. These 2 accounts were on bot since friday afternoon, and during the whole weekend. Untill the ban on monday, when I turned it off, to avoid losing my other account. Anyway, below are the answers you asked for. Date received Ban notice october 14th 2019 Which version(s) of the bot did you use in last few weeks prior to ban notice? (official release, or MOD, specify version please) Official 7.7.8 [Update] Which Emulator are you using? (BlueStacks, Memu, Driod4x, Nox & Include version #!) MEMU 5.5.8 [Update] Have you ever bought gems? Yes. Lots of times. [Update] Which version of Clash are you using? 11.651.19 [Update] How many devices is your Clash account used on? Which devices are they? 3. iPad, iPhone and Windows PC What army composition was used? (goblin, BARCH, GiBARCH, etc) GiBarch What attack search type were you using? (Dead only, Live only, Dead/live, or Dead/Live/Bully/TH combo) Dead only If you were attacking live bases, which attack type did you use? (1, 2, 3, or 4 sided; DE Side, TH Side, or Milk Farm) Did you use Scripted Attack feature? (yes/no, please list name of CSV script used FF, 8F, GoWiPe, AQWalk, etc) no Did you have smart attack enabled for conventional attack types? (yes/no) If so, were you using drop near collectors? (yes/no) yes / yes What was your attack delay unit? (1-9, or random) What was your Wave delay (1-9, or random) [Update]How much time per day did you use bot (24/7, or how many hours?)[Before ''Fair play'' news and after ''Fair play'' news] Mostly on weekends ( from friday to monday) and Weekdays at night till morning. How much time per day did you manually play game? I was playing on war and league everyday on one account, and the other not too often. Were you in a clan? (yes/no) Yes Were you in a clan specifically known for bot use? (yes/no) No. Im the only one Did you use modifications of CSV files or other game files for CoC app inside Android emulator? (yes/no, and list type: Low GFX, auto zoom out, show traps, etc) No [Update] Do you have other game modifications or TOS violating software like xmod or imod installed on your device since Fair Play notice started? (yes/no, if yes which one?) No ^^^^ Answer yes even if you did a regular uninstall of xmod. It leaves files even after an uninstall. Have you EVER posted a picture of your base (even with name/clan blurred out), an attack log, or the number of resources you had in clan chat, bot forums, reddit, SC forums, etc.? Never Does anyone who knows your base name/clan know that you're using the bot? (yes/no) No If you have a SC forum account, does it use the same IP/email as your clash account and have you admitted to using the bot or been banned on it? (yes/no) Dont have it Do you have any prior violations of the ToS (offensive language, offensive base design, etc.) No I was the only one using bot on my clan. And got 2 account banned. One of wich I was not even using bot for a week or more bro.
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