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  1. Hi Promac,


    I happened to come across a ClanGames_AiO.au3 file that supposedly supports Clan Games. First of all, big thanks to Team Venom and you for taking it to the next level. Have heard that a beta version of the mod has been released that incorporates this file. That said, based on some code walk-through, it looks like there are some areas of improvement, particularly the way the ImpossibleEvents list is being prepared and events being purged. Pretty sure its already being worked on as time permits, but I would love to see that the ImpossibleEvents list preparation be refined to have an option to only include Builder Hall related challenges. It does not seem to be fair to include a challenge in the purge list if some one has say air army or say someone hasn't unlocked a troop or say someone is not at a TH level that has a particular building/hero unlocked.


    I was wondering if the mod that is being worked on for Clan Games support is available for download somewhere or if the development is happening on git hub and can be looked at.


    Thanks for your time and efforts.



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