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      Malicious and Banned Links   10/09/2016

      Please be careful of downloading ANY LINKS that are not originating from a MyBot.Run URL or another trusted URL (such as apkmirror.com, bluestacks, memu, xda-developers, etc).   We have banned ALL telegram links and other verified malicious links we have come across already. Users attempting to do this or get around this ban will be banned permanently.   Please report ANY suspicious links to MyBot Staff or pm me directly
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      MyBot.run V7.0.1 RELEASED!   02/27/2017

      The MyBot.run team continues the legacy with V7.0.1 Release!   Please note that v7 is a MAJOR version release.  This release has code breaking changes for MOD code made for previous releases. Roughly 60% of code has been refactored with major changes to global variable names, user interface internals, and other code design improvements.   DO NOT USE OLD v6 PROFILE FOLDERS!


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  1. First page updated
  2. dococ

    CLOSED ... N2delay asked me to close
  3. You have a serious problem on your Emulator (BlueStacks2) , what version are you using ?
  4. are u using the BS version?
  5. tested now with CSV L [2017-02-24 21:47:27.113] Dropping King L [2017-02-24 21:47:30.132] Dropping Queen L [2017-02-24 21:47:33.185] Dropping Grand Warden D [2017-02-24 21:47:33.906] AdbScreencap: 103/103/99 ms (all/10/1),94,0,l=252,t=424,w=2,h=2, B129F2C2AE4AEB06AD56B05E48FD724EF1585354: w=860,h=732,f=1 L [2017-02-24 21:47:35.578] Checking if the battle has finished L [2017-02-24 21:47:38.246] detected [G]: 3524 [E]: 3150 [DE]: 284 [%]: 64 | Exit in 13 sec. L [2017-02-24 21:47:38.279] Gold & Elixir & DE change detected, waiting... L [2017-02-24 21:47:41.029] Queen is getting weak, Activating Queen's power Can be something related to emulator/OpenGL glitch ..
  6. No , i'm using the standard attack , But the code is the same ... reading your log , the code is correct ... Queen _GetPixelColor(215,629): 4BD505 ( after deploying ) is the green color L [2017-02-24 14:51:32.108] Queen _GetPixelColor(215,629): 4BD505 L [2017-02-24 14:51:32.110] Grand Warden _GetPixelColor(284,629): 76F90C Both are Green L [2017-02-24 14:51:41.822] Queen _GetPixelColor(215,629): 49D405 L [2017-02-24 14:51:41.827] Grand Warden _GetPixelColor(284,629): 73F60B Green L [2017-02-24 14:51:54.648] Queen _GetPixelColor(215,629): 39CC04 L [2017-02-24 14:51:54.649] Grand Warden _GetPixelColor(284,629): 73F60B Green , L [2017-02-24 14:52:13.935] Queen _GetPixelColor(215,629): 392C94 L [2017-02-24 14:52:13.937] Grand Warden _GetPixelColor(284,629): 73F60B Queen is weak now ... The correct color to Activate is 4b35b5 ( RGB 75, 53 , 181 ) ( a purple , the background color after disappears the green ) with a 15 of tolerance Yours was 392C94 (RGB 57 , 44 , 148 ) a purple but with some differences , hummmm even the 15 of tolerances is super different ... Can you Take a screen-capture of the queen when is Green , when is middle and when is weak ? and share it with me? with the log please ... What emulator?
  7. I'm using it and very well , i have Queen Lv44 and King Lv42 Try to use a standard attack , not a CSV and tell me if was activated
  8. Detected and will be fix on next release, thks Yes is a problem on Gemclick , for me upgraded the lv 10 to 12 but giving that msg and don't update the stats of course ...
  9. Detected and will be fix on next release.
  10. Is not a problem , the Castle location is necessary on first run and is manually ...
  11. dococ

    YES , the last code is so great ... who did it? LOL from 3.4.1 to 3.5.5 the code changed ... on 3.4.1 was made by me , 3.5.5 is from other developer and is the Officials, i will not touch ....
  12. dococ

    verify your settings , i'm using it a lot !!! hehehe
  13. dococ

    Great question , hehhehehheh .... I will ask to @Roro-Titi why is necessary to click on AndroidBackButton !!! Func ReturnAtHome() $CheckStep = 0 While Not IsMainScreen() And $CheckStep <= 5 AndroidBackButton() Sleep(3000) $CheckStep += 1 WEnd If Not IsMainScreen() Then SetLog("Main screen not found, need to restart CoC app...", $COLOR_ERROR) RestartAndroidCoC() waitMainScreen() EndIf EndFunc ;==>ReturnAtHome