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    Waiting for shared folder to get mounted..

    Thanks for the response, appreciate it.. managed to delete the profile folder, im still getting the same problem ive uninstalled nox and reinstalled downloaded new mybot program and i am still getting the waiting for shared folder to mount.. ***edit**** okay it was just working again for 5 minutes and now its the same problem again.. WTF some other error messages.. "File not found: C:\Users\***\Nox_share\OtherShare\05DE8854BE772070A4EF8E8CE18F1C0E5B62EAB6" "Nox cannot use ADB on shared folder, "(/mnt/shared/Other|/mnt/shell/emulated/0/Download/other)" not found" "Nox unsupported Graphics Engine Type [11:09:02] Nox (nox) unsupported Graphics Engine / Render Mode, using OpenGL/ADB screencap" ***edit*** went back to nox 6.2 and it seems to be working now. lets hope it stays that way.
  2. Waiting for shared folder to get mounted.. hello, i have this "Waiting for shared folder to get mounted.." problem.. im using nox it was working perfectly the other day so i dunno whats gone wrong..
  3. Bot not dropping barbs and archers on heros for some reason mybot doesnt drop my barbs or arches, only attacks with heroes queen and king.. i havent changed any settings so i dont know what the problem can be.. i use nox and i have the latest 7.6.4 bot
  4. ah so thats why builder base attacking no longer works.. waiting on new update.. il go back to original bot then until new update of this mod comes great work, when will it be done?
  5. no responses from devs of this anymore.. so its now dead?
  6. bot always gets stuck on builder base for few minutes..