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  1. no responses from devs of this anymore.. so its now dead?
  2. bot always gets stuck on builder base for few minutes..
  3. yebrah74

    bot not working on windows 10

    no i didnt install nox on my new ssd, i just opened it from my old hard drive, it still works fine.
  4. bot not working on windows 10 just installed windows 10 on my new ssd, (bot is still on old hdd using it as slave) i am unable to use the bot for some reason here is log: [13:26:58] ====================== BOT LOG ====================== [13:26:58] Nox unsupported Graphics Engine Type [13:26:58] Nox (nox) unsupported Graphics Engine / Render Mode, using OpenGL/ADB screencap [13:26:59] Launch faild: devices [13:26:59] Serious error has occurred: Cannot find Nox file: [13:26:59] Nox.exe [13:26:59] Android support for Nox is not available [13:26:59] Unable to open Nox instance 'nox' [13:26:59] Please check emulator/installation [13:26:59] Unable to continue........ [13:26:59] Cannot start Nox, please check log i have tried using the selectbot program but when it comes to selecting the folder with the mybot.exe for some reason the .exe doesnt show..
  5. I understand that yes, but in the description you put " VERY BOT LIKE" the standard mybot isnt very bot like so very low risk of detection.. i've been using years on and off.. so is the multifinger atttack opt-in? can we opt-out or dont we have choice? i'd settle for slower gains using original mybot if means its less chance of a ban. i'm just a very cautious person i guess xd
  6. its working now, cheers! question.. "WARNING: - The use of "MultiFinger Attacks" appear very bot-like and can potentially result in a ban.Use at your own risk!" is that feature a OPT-in feature on this mod ? or are we already using it? i would prefer to opt out, how would i do that?.. dont want to risk a ban. only using this mod for the builder base attack feature. ty
  7. I just downloaded again like you asked.. it now attacked on builder base without closing the mybot program(yay), but there are 2 problems still.. i had 3 camps of troops, 2 barbs 1 archer, the bot dropped the 2 barb camps but for some reason didnt drop the 3rd archer camp. screenshot: https://prnt.sc/kx7kwn after all the barbs got massacred the bot didnt end battle because i still had the archers, it didnt deploy archers.. so it just waits until battle timer is up. screenshot: https://prnt.sc/kx7mfq the error is " can't find okay button [OK]. code 0X679373" thanks for fixing last problem and i hope you can do the same with this!
  8. i downloaded it last night...
  9. Just got this mod for the builder base.. every time i go to attack in the builder base the mybot program closes completely, here is screenshot.. http://prntscr.com/kx3rzx "variable being used without being declared" how to fix? also, this is undetectable right? i noticed the "MultiFinger Attacks" comes with a warning so i wont be using that, but the builder base play is completely safe right?