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  1. Apocalypse666


    thank you for your reply @cosote
  2. Apocalypse666


    ?mybot.run? haHA what happening?!!!! this happen when i try to change profile or start the bot,swear didn't edit it. and i can't close it, i have to restart the pc even with task manager doesn't close https://prnt.sc/nqifdl https://prnt.sc/nqifkn https://prnt.sc/nqifsr https://prnt.sc/nqify2 https://prnt.sc/nqig3j https://prnt.sc/nqigs7 https://prnt.sc/nqigwy https://prnt.sc/nqih3b https://prnt.sc/nqih9n i use the official release of mybot.run
  3. hey mike. i'm th11 almost max with 5k trophies looking for fwa clan. thank you
  4. Apocalypse666

    th11 legends

    th11 legends hey botters! looking for clan that is push league ,i'm th11 almost max with 5k trophies
  5. Apocalypse666


    thank you mate for your answer.
  6. Apocalypse666


    Supercell is the supercell looking for the attack wins at the end of the season? cause at clash of stats i see all the top ppl from last season with 1300+ attack wins now they are unranked.did they get banned or smth?
  7. Apocalypse666

    vps emulator

    vps emulator hello,i bought vps server with 4 cores and 8 gb ram,can i run 2 bot at the same time with these spec?
  8. Apocalypse666

    7.7.3 click speed is super fast!

    I have the same problemaa
  9. Apocalypse666

    deploy problem

    deploy problem after the update 7.3.3 bot deploying very fast the giants at smartfarm attack even the deploy delay is 10, but only for giants this happen. (not only for me) Sorry, I'm using 7.7.3. Can't edit the post, I don't know why. Sorry for the spam
  10. Apocalypse666

    MyBot Accounting

    thank you mybotrun