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  1. thank you for your reply @cosote
  2. ?mybot.run? haHA what happening?!!!! this happen when i try to change profile or start the bot,swear didn't edit it. and i can't close it, i have to restart the pc even with task manager doesn't close https://prnt.sc/nqifdl https://prnt.sc/nqifkn https://prnt.sc/nqifsr https://prnt.sc/nqify2 https://prnt.sc/nqig3j https://prnt.sc/nqigs7 https://prnt.sc/nqigwy https://prnt.sc/nqih3b https://prnt.sc/nqih9n i use the official release of mybot.run
  3. th11 legends hey botters! looking for clan that is push league ,i'm th11 almost max with 5k trophies
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