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  1. It's maybe your army composition, giant takes longer to train and maybe your trophy level affects finding dead-bases.


    I'm running on a 2 cores 2gb ram VPS too and sometimes I get lucky with 2 or 3 attacks in an hour on low trophy level and just quick train BARCH.


    You may want to keep things simple on a low spec VPS, remove unnecessary advance configs like auto donations, auto upgrades, notification, etc.


    You can get a faster and more expensive VPS , but if your bot configuration is wrong in the first place, you still face similar problems.


    Your expectation of a 2 cores VPS to run like your desktop is also unrealistic. It's like comparing a bicycle to a Ferrari ! Well, a bicycle still gets you from point A to B albeit much slower than a car.


    Even if it's slow and you get 1 attack every hour and you let it run 24 hours, you still get 24 attacks in a day and that would max all your storage.




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  2. It's not possible with bluestacks 1. It's also not possible to squeeze multiple instances on a weak VPS.


    Anyway, each instance requires at least 2gb ram and 2 cores. 2 instances would require 4gb ram and 4 cores and so on. You can do the maths.


    Thus, you are better off getting separate VPS to run one instance each.


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