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  1. i wonder why people keep asking the same question in "New Update" thread .. do they cant read or learn something .. ? hm anyway im cant speak english very well but i read the instruction and not ask the dump same questions
  2. hmm okay .. thanks for the information.. im gonna check it
  3. Search for collector near the edge of red line Im farming with deadbase only On searching im only use a dead base search The bot will attack if the collector’s fill meet the % of the setting no mater where the location they are. sometimes my troops cant reach them and the gain of loot not maximal what if uhm add a feature to make bot attack if it meet the collectors % AND the location is near the edge of red line Plz im sorry for my poor and bad english :”3
  4. Dark Theme i dont now what should i write here i guest you already got the point here add dark theme or other theme so it will look a little bit cooler maybe xD
  5. telegram error when the bot try to send an image to telegram. after i delete Warden_100_90.xml and downloaded the new image file then i named it Warden_100_85.png.
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