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  1. There is a option to make it check donation often, tick thst and it will donate faster?
  2. YouTube it haha but don't matter what base you got if the enemy is good, they gonns get the stars no matter what
  3. Idk baiut bot but you can get tool to make. The lines longer so you csn do more accurate shots. Not allowed to send links but have a search, it's a phone app and need to be rooted.
  4. Wouldn't advise bitting it clash Royal, too easy to get the ban. You facing off live players
  5. ITS DAX! (if you know you know ) happy belated birthday!
  6. mine did the same last night, I think it because I have few other buildings that need to be done and its conflicting with the wall because it uses the same resource?. when I click on the builders the wall is all the way at the bottoms o the bot doesn't see the wall. and they are hidden under buildings. I fixed it by just putting all wall separate or the ones need updating separate so the bot can see it,/ move the walls to the front of the design so again bot can see it and you not messing with your design. see if that works for you
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