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  1. Telegram queue doesn't get emptied? Hi, I've been using pushbullet before, and only just now taken the time to get going with Telegram. Got it working easily with IceCube's tutorial, tso thanks for that. No0w I have it working, it looks as though the queue doesn't get emptied by Mybot. I use 2 accounts, both with it's own bot. If I request a screenshot on one village, the bot keeps sending a screenshot every time it switches to that account. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Agreed, I don't think it makes a difference either. But it's a neat utility anyway :-)
  3. That's true. I have BSTweak, which even allows you to pick which device it should pretend to be.
  4. I'm using BS 3N. No luck so far. Removed Bluestacks and installed the latest version. It's running again. Still not sure what is was, though. I wonder if SC found a way to detect an emulator...
  5. Game doesn't start on bluestacks since update Hi, Since the update, Clash of Clans doesn't start in Bluestacks anymore. Is this a familiar issue to anyone? I didn't expect the bot to work, off course, but the game doesn't start at all. I tried reinstalling it... Thanks
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