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  1. I ended up having to go though full recovery - took 3 days but I got it back - didnt think I was to be truthful. I had recently purchased an account the same week on ebay and the guy was being difficult giving me detail - he had no info of mine no email no nothing but he could have been trying to sindle my account. I had also messagged from a nother profile to remove supercell ID on my main - it could be down to all these reason - But looking aat my old bot log it was stuck for ages on push/pull pref.... so I wonder if the bot kept trying to log in but couldnt it was sending signals and therefor got me locked... When I asked support they said different countries trying to log and and takem y account - the scary thing is - they only have one time recovery - so if this happens again im fucked... find it hard to believe.
  2. I need help with the bot

    yeah nox much better
  3. Account lock! having to recover after SCID use! Hi everyone - so I recently had to recover my main account for either sharing my account or unauthorized person trying to log in to my account. I have been botting for years on and off without a single issue! Recently I signed up all my accounts with Supercell ID, did the whole push/pull account and have been using bot over past month pretty much non stop - push and pull has been working well exept sometimes it stays in a look where I get red error and bot does not pull details (has this got anything to do with the ban?????). I am using a vps based in France - I use nox for emulation and I have the location of nox device as same place as my house (although my vps is located in France) - I have only had this issue with my main account - I bot 7 other accounts non stop without an issue. I really dont know what triggered this lock but if anyone has advice on how to not be locked again I would greatly appriciate it - I have about 3 months of botting left till I have a max account and dont wish to stop now. let me know your thoughts everyone
  4. requesting for Clan Caste troops issue - not working. just restarts emulator. HI Team, Running multi bots and having issues requesting for cc - using official bot! I have been watching it over last 2 hours and it types requesting for troops then it writes what I want i.e Loons then NOX restarts - I didt not have that issue before I was running two bots but now Im runnning a few more it ont request on any account. I have copied and pasted the bot log for any help... [17:36:18] Open Train Troops Tab [17:36:22] Open Army Tab [17:36:26] Open Army Tab [17:36:29] Open Brew Spells Tab [17:36:34] Open Army Tab [17:36:49] Requesting Clan Castle Troops [17:37:09] Stopping Nox.... [17:37:09] Please wait for full Nox shutdown... [17:37:15] Nox stopped successfully [17:37:19] Starting Nox and Clash Of Clans [17:37:19] Please wait while Nox and CoC start... [17:37:33] Nox unsupported Graphics Engine Type [17:37:33] Nox (Nox_3) unsupported Graphics Engine / Render Mode, using OpenGL/ADB screencap My CPU is running between 60/80% - could this have anything to do with it? would really appreciate any help on this.
  5. donation related additon! First of all let me say what a great job the team does time and time again.. train troops order helpful - switching accounts so helpful too! one thing I suggest is to add more function for training and donating. create something that will cook spell or troop that is requested to donate.... and if donate no longer needed to delete the spell or troop. also if you are running laloon with 4 hounds and 24 loons and u are donating loons - sometimes your army camp ends up with 5 hounds and less loons... make bot delete excess troops and cook normal ones. is this doable.
  6. MyBot Supporter (Multi-Bot)

    hey thanks for such a great program. been running last last hour with no problems- for 4 bots on go and cpu and ran running at half to 1/4. seems stable for now... how doea this bot injector work? also. I have request for CC troops ON but while using your program my accounts have not requested for CC troops once. any suggestions?
  7. hey I downloaded this. Have you ever come across the thing I posted below?? which is better?
  8. NOX multi instances and powershell. urgent help needed. hey guys. have trolled through all threads but don't seem to get anywhere with info provided. I use to run multi instance with Windows 7 and memu no issues. using new pc and memu is slow as hell... nox works perfectly... trying to set it up to have 3/5 separate bots going. I have made two instances on nox.. top called FJ and second called rg. I open PowerShell and type in .\mybot.run.exe NoxPlayer Nox --- This works perfectly got bot running with comand no probs. upon trying to open bot number two I first typed in .\mybot.run.exe NoxPlayer1 Nox but it says nox in use already... I've tried .\mybot.run.exe rg Nox and same error. I've tried allot of variations but it's just not working.... what am I missing guys? if anyone can help me and spell it out in baby langue what I need to type to get bot 2 and 3 going if love you forever.
  9. {Lv 9} 24/botting clan starting back Up! Hero down war. Hey everyone. I have a clan which currently has about 8 non stop botters from th7/th11. War log is showing 200 wins 27 losses... Normally max out clan games but we have a sister clan which also bots and does clan games (currently on 10 win streak). Best streak I've had is 80. Ideally looking for some 24/7 botters who want to make use of clan perks. We are not to chatty - YET. Mature only please. Comment below & drop me a message for an invite. Mergers also welcome.