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  1. Yes, but you still need to see more than one attack to come to the conclusion that it is a bot attack. But since it is not smartfarm it is not relevant in this case.
  2. No, but the player only see one of my attacks. If I was attacked by a similar I would not report it because it looks pretty human, so the rest of the attacks would no one ever look at.
  3. Might thoughts ecxactly. I will have a look at the edragon script I used to see how it looks when the attack is done, as far as I remember it was not the most aggressive attack like 8FF barch or similar. Even attacking manually it would be farely easy to put down 7 edragons and 14 loons. I just saw there was a video in the thread about the attack, I would say I could deploy the trops the same way manually.
  4. What do you mean by this why they ban in waves ? I was using 3 laptops and 2 of the banned accounts were running on the same laptop. I was using a scriptet attack
  5. I am also wondering if the bans are due to reported players rather than a coded scanning made by SC. With the amount of bases the bot attacks combined and not hitting absolutely dead bases, I would assume at some point you would hit someone who looked at the attacks against him. If you look at the video below nobody would ever be in doubt that it was a bot attack. No matter how many human-additions you added to the general behavour, the attack will still be the same. You could probably code something that would detect a bot attack, but it must be difficult to distinguish a bot from a human player who uses 8 fingers to spam an attack. Last time I got 3 out 11 accounts banned, and they were all using the same settings. If it was coded I would have assumed all 11 would have been banned.
  6. Just to clarify, you did the cwl and war attacks by yourself, right ? The way you write it sounds like you had the bot do the war attacks for which confuses people.
  7. You do the crime, you do the time. Botting is against rules, we all know that.
  8. He probably just used the bot during cwl and not actually for war attacks. Some have speculated if it was because of participation cwl that they were detected.
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