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  1. DonaldDumb

    7.6.6 attacks live bases

    Ok, I will change that, never noticed so many live base attacks earlier (not that I went through all the attacks).
  2. DonaldDumb

    7.6.6 attacks live bases

    7.6.6 attacks live bases How are dead bases detected ? I noticed in 7.6.5 and now in 7.6.6 the bot attacks live TH11 and TH12 bases even if it should only attack dead bases. Both eagle, inferno and xbows are loaded.
  3. How much free space do you have ? If you have less than 100mb you need to do some cleanup.
  4. DonaldDumb

    Not Zoomed out exiting to main screen

    Or you can try this
  5. DonaldDumb

    I have a problem with MEmu

    Have you looked at this post ?