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  1. How to Switch Accounts Using Shared_Prefs Switch Guide

    Here's what I did : 1) Added both my accounts to supercell ID and logged into both once in Bluestacks. I will refer them as A and B. (Now remember you need different bot profiles for each account) 2)log out of supercell ID and you will get into loading page which will have an option to log back in through supercell ID 3)Click on that green button and you will go into supercell ID page with all your emails ( Similar to google play one where all accounts show up) 4)Now go to profiles under Bot tab. Load profile A. Check where is the respective email for that profile. Add that under its respective account number. Suppose email 1 is for B and email 2 is for A on supercell ID page, Select Account 2 for Profile A and Account 1 for profile B. Now hit the pull pref button(the blue down arrow) . After it is done start bot once to check if correct profile is loading. 5) After successful check, stop bot Load profile B , go to supercell ID login page( step 3) and again hit pull pref. Repeat for each account. 6) Voila you should be able to login into COC directly now. Hit the like if I helped you and do shoot if you have further queries. CHEERS ! I found MEmu to have some problems. There was strange lag in deploy speed of CSV. Switched back to Bluestacks and it works like charm
  2. How to Switch Accounts Using Shared_Prefs Switch Guide

    Can you please explain how did you get it working because I dnt seem to have any clue on how to set the shared prefs. Also about the slow part, I am too noticing delay in csv deployments.. spells are getting used 3/4 seconds late than it used to, though hero part is working fine for me. Thanks in advance for the help, Cheers mate Sorry for my bad English. I got this working just now. I was silly . Thaaannkksss a lot again
  3. I had the same problem. Follow the following steps: 1)Download Bluestacks from filehippo. http://filehippo.com/download_bluestacks_app_player/64518/ 2) Uninstall your installed version 3) download Clean uninstall reg file for bluestacks and run it. 4) Install downloaded bluestacks 5)Download this reg file and run 6)login into google account. 7) Disable app sync and My Bluestacks in Settings>apps>all apps 8)install coc and login into supercell id
  4. Supercell ID messing up Smart switch Accounts

    For all those who have not signed into SUPERCELL ID, please DONOT. If you use single account to bot you can sign in without any consequences. As for the rest who use multiple accounts, like me, we have 2 options:: 1) Not signing into SUPERCELL ID in the first place. (Easy and convenient) 2)Using multiple emulators to run both accounts simultaneously. ( Not difficult, but requires a good cpu) Check this link for more info on option 2- I hope I helped. Cheers and in the meantime lets hope for new Account switch function to be live soon from devs.
  5. Supercell ID messing up Smart switch Accounts Hii Devs, I created a supercell ID for one of my accounts and later I came to know that it overrides google play login . After this as you can guess the account switch feature is not working and I am stuck botting one account at a time not to mention the pending cc donations which were fulfilled by my other account. Please make a workaround for this supercell ID login. I know I shouldn't expect it very soon but eager to hear from you about this issue and any quick hacks around this. I wish I never had logged into that Supercell ID. I really appreciate all the hardwork you guys do to help us reach max TH11s and push trophies. Please do something about this. A faithful mybotter.