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  1. ace.3

    Activate heroes

    go to attack plan then active base then attack all hero abilities are in there to set.
  2. ace.3


    it say not full army. conditions not met.
  3. ace.3

    Drop Siege Machine at TH 10

    official bot cannot use siege machine,only a modded bot can.
  4. can anyone tell me if this will drop a slammer with no troops inside it.
  5. ace.3

    MyBot 7.7.2 impulseMOD v1.0.9

    you should only use this when you are more familiar with the bot,to be honest i upgrade my things manually.
  6. ace.3

    MyBot 7.7.2 impulseMOD v1.0.9

    seige machine or blimp or stoner drop without troops inside on this mod.
  7. will this drop stone slammer with no troops inside.
  8. ace.3

    Which drop line is the best for a csv?

    external edges is good.
  9. ace.3

    tips to avoid ban.

    i been botting with blue stacks and memu solid for 4 years never been banned or anything like that.