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  1. bonna

    [Nox Bug] CoC start clear profile radom

    have found a post for future release (7.7.5)... i have remove any spaces from all profile name and problem is resolved! tanks for your importanti info!!!
  2. halt attack and stop donations Hello, I have seen how much the bot halt attack (for example for full deposits) also stops donating. Is it possible to configure it to continue donations?
  3. [Nox Bug] CoC start clear profile radom note: I DO NOT BELIEVE this is a MyBot problem .. but I still ask for help hoping that someone will be able to help me. I use Nox (v with 6 google profiles for CoC. Everything worked correctly until the last CoC update. Now at random intervals (about every 2-3 hours) when the MyBot changes profile, CoC starts with a new village and its initial tutorial. Obviously the bot is not able to handle this situation and I have to intervene manually. Do you have any suggestions to solve? I have already tried to reinstall both the CoC app and the internal Nox but the problem recurs. Thanks in advance!