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  1. in the end I identified the problem. I write if it can help other people. I noticed that the profile change worked on all accounts except one. specifically, the bot was looping when switching from profile 1 to profile 2 trying to manually start profile 2 I realized that the profile 1 was actually loaded. this made me realize that for unknown reasons the shared_pref of profile 2 had been overwritten with those of profile 1 performed the procedure to correctly save the shared_pre for profile 2 and everything started working.
  2. yes I'm using them! these settings have worked correctly for over 10 months without any problems. have stopped working for a few days now. in any case, if I made a mistake, I correct it! thank you!
  3. Supercell accounts has stopped switch Hello, recently the bot I use (only) with Supercell accounts has stopped running the switch. Is it my impression or has the button to "disconnect" been moved into the game? no problem with profiles where I use (only) account google profiles thank you! mybot version 7.7.7
  4. Last update CoC is very slow - NOT mybot problem Hi everyone, Is it my impression or after the last CoC update has it become much slower and in need of resources? before I was able to run 3 instances with CPUs under 50% ... now only 2 instances saturate my CPU ... I also updated NOX to the latest version ... maybe it's the one ... the bot has nothing to do with it is clear ... the problem is only NOX + CoC ... Has anyone noticed the same thing?
  5. Motivi del down server Ciao, Ci sono notizie ufficiali circa il down del forum di questi giorni?
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