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  1. FritzBert1234

    Official MyBot 7.7.0 [r02] Light MOD++

    Supercell ID Login: Same problem. However, with the latest BlueStack. However, it seems to work with the second account under Memu. However, the BlueStack account is sometimes also manually recorded with two other Android devices. Furthermore, I use the Select.Bot with which you can set up the profiles in the different bots and then start with a push of a button. So far, everything ran smoothly. Only when I was too greedy to cash in on the Achievment does the bot run under BlueStack anymore. Hopefully this will be fixed soon with the new version 7.6.6. Maybe someone can help. THX :))))
  2. FritzBert1234

    7.6.5 bugs

    TriplM, Okaaaaaayy!, You win! Now it works again. THX you so much! Since 6-8 Months it works this way, I swear .Equal, you did it! THX again.
  3. FritzBert1234

    7.6.5 bugs

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WVclRPoqqEFb2d9Vqiw3RuMxem3RnAD6/view?usp=sharing Hmm, THX for reply, but please look at this picture! So I think the missing field "Type Once" is my problem, or?
  4. FritzBert1234

    7.6.5 bugs

    Hi DUC4TI, sorry, muss nochmals stören. Leider habe ich nun doch noch immer das Problem mit den CC-Troop, welche wieder gelöscht werden. WEißt Du ob es eventuell nochmals zeitnah eine neue Version geben wird? Es sind ja wohl doch ein paar kleinere Buggis vorhanden. Ansonsten weiß ich wirklich nicht, was ich noch machen soll. Habe bereits diverse Versionen von BlueStack ausprobiert ==> Alle Fail! Oh Menno, Shit! Danke für erneute Rückinformation.
  5. FritzBert1234

    7.6.5 bugs

    ...Fine!!! Checked, "any" is selected by all. But that's a pretty good idea. I changend from "any" to Ballons and Rage and Bot is going to attack now. Waiting for next round... But request windows always don't show the begging troops... I think it's a little trouble with translation from english <==> german. From now, you're my hero ;)))) THX again
  6. FritzBert1234

    7.6.5 bugs

    First, thank you for very quick reply But no, I don`t copy profiles folder (No good choice, I knew). At the moment I deleted them and give em all data new. Same problem, clan castle troops and spell will be removed. Should I better use another bluestack version?
  7. FritzBert1234

    7.6.5 bugs

    7.6.5 bugs Sorry, I am getting this issue: [12:31:13] Getting current available troops and spells in Clan Castle... [12:31:14] - 5x Balloons (Clan Castle) [12:31:14] - 1x Rage Spell (Clan Castle) [12:31:14] Removing unexpected troops/spells: [12:31:14] - 5x Balloons [12:31:14] - 1x Rage spell [12:31:17] Clan Castle Troops/Spells Removed [12:31:19] Requesting Clan Castle reinforcements & Requesting window will not show the titled names (For me: loon, rage, blimp) but it workes and I am getting the reinforcements??? What`s my mistake? At the moment I use this bluestacks version (BlueStacks Mod Rooted), but it`s working pretty good all the time. THX for any Help & great THX to all developers & MyBot-Team