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  1. SithMaster

    Can we add Halt when Gold+Dark full option

    Because Elixir never really gets full. The point at which this is evaluated is after building troops. At that point some elixir gets used.
  2. Can we add Halt when Gold+Dark full option Hi, There is no option for Halt attack when Gold + Dark full. After a certain point in base development we get to a point where we're only farming for Gold and DE primarily. Can we add that option please ? Thanks
  3. Did you try the fix on Page 2 of this thread. 4 of my bots are working flawlessly on th9, th11 and two on th12.
  4. Check out this workaround without deleting hero potion
  5. Is the wrong build time a bug ? I don't have any barracks down if that matters in any way. Will this incorrect build time calc affect the bot in any other operation ? Thanks for your great work, takes the BB monkey off our backs
  6. SithMaster

    Bot is finding a base but not attacking.

    Temporary fix here without selling hero potions
  7. SithMaster

    " Not Zoomed Out! Exiting to MainScreen..."

    The temporary fix here might help you without selling Hero potions
  8. SithMaster

    [FIXED IN v7.6.6]Attack Problem

    The temporary fix in this might work for you
  9. Commented out lines 154-172 in VillageSearch.au3 and its working for me now. CheckZoomOut is not needed at that point since SearchZoomOut within it is failing but Village resources are already measured at that point. This may cause an issue if stuff happens to cause your zoom status to change I guess. But till they get a full fix out in a future release, we can atleast continue to bot For those who don't want to do the edit yourself, you can replace the attached file in the COCBot\functions\Search folder. Rightclick on MyBot.run.au3 in the main dir, Click Compile Script (x86), then run Bot. You need to have Autoit installed before you compile. You can download it from here VillageSearch.au3
  10. Not Zoomed Out! error when both Hero and Power Potions available Hi, The both throws the Not Zoomed Out! error when its found a base and ready to attack when you have both the Power and Hero Potion buttons on. Seems like the buttons are covering the trees/stones. Attached is the screeenshot of the log and the screen. When I hit Debug..Smart Farm, it attacks successfully. I have only Power potion on another account, the bot works perfectly on that base. I have no potions on another and it works well on that one too. Using : Bot version 7.6.5 Bluestacks 2.2.21 Thanks.
  11. 7.6.5 - Not Zoomed Out! when ready to attack. I'm having a strange problem, 7.6.5 did a few attacks. But now when it finds a dead base and is ready to attkack its saying "Not Zoomed out! Exiting to Main Screen" Any ideas any one ? Im on Bluestacks. Everything was working fine on 7.6.4. Tried Docked and Undocked modes