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  1. Your image is broken This happens if you have both Hero and Power potions. The buttons cover the Stone/Tree it uses for zooming. Look at the solution for Nox on this thread. I still don't have a solution for BS. No response from developers yet for a workaround as to what to rename the file to till they fix the issue in the bot. If you use up or sell one of them it will get working.
  2. SithMaster

    7.6.5 - Not Zoomed Out! when ready to attack.

    I did. Did not work. Need to know what to rename it to. those numbers are probably co-ordinates. If its using trees in BS vs Stone in Nox, their locations must be different. What can I rename the tree file for BS to ?
  3. SithMaster

    7.6.5 - Not Zoomed Out! when ready to attack.

    Can a developer give us a workaround for Bluestacks till this gets fixed in the bot ? I tried the other poster's solution of renaming the stonexxx_92.xml file to _90 but not working for Bluestacks Can an admin move this thread to Bug Reports ?
  4. There is a thread just for this along with some workarounds ppl have mentioned. Pls post in that one.
  5. SithMaster

    7.6.5 - Not Zoomed Out! when ready to attack.

    One way to get around this for now is to introduce a 30 sec delay in the loop before it tries to zoom out at the time of attacking. If you wait 30 secs the hero and power potions buttons disappear from the screen. Anyone knows how to do that ?
  6. Hi, How to turn off the Debug mode ? Will it eat up more space by logging more ? I am tightly strapped for disk space on my machine. Thanks
  7. SithMaster

    7.6.5 - Not Zoomed Out! when ready to attack.

    I reinstalled BS and its working now for me on one pc. Haven't tried the other yet. Edit- This isnt correct. Please ignore this. The reason for it working was there was no hero potion on the other acct.
  8. SithMaster

    7.6.5 - Not Zoomed Out! when ready to attack.

    No hero potion, only power potion. But if that was the case, it would affect at every zoom out attempt. This happens only when its found a base and ready to attack. When bot starts, it can zoom out, do every thing correctly.
  9. SithMaster

    7.6.5 - Not Zoomed Out! when ready to attack.

    @rbrt my internet did drop ( I got OOS ). Like @Junk it did a few atks after that it is just stuck there. It happens when it finds a base and is ready to attack. If I go into debug and attack, it attacks just fine. It was happening on another vm too. but I played around with docking, undocking, alignment, use script for scroll and it started working on one of them. I don't know which one affected it. Its not 100% but atleast its attacking once an hour after it keeps retrying. On the other VM it wont do it at all, i just shut it down. What info can I send so someone can help me ?
  10. 7.6.5 - Not Zoomed Out! when ready to attack. I'm having a strange problem, 7.6.5 did a few attacks. But now when it finds a dead base and is ready to attkack its saying "Not Zoomed out! Exiting to Main Screen" Any ideas any one ? Im on Bluestacks. Everything was working fine on 7.6.4. Tried Docked and Undocked modes
  11. SithMaster

    unbreakable mode

    unbreakable mode Hi, Did the Unbreakable mode remove shield or is it just not working for me ? I thought it did, but that couldve been a mod. Anyone know ? Thanks
  12. good donation focused mod ? Hi, Is there a good mod that focuses on donations ? I find the current loop in the base version spends more time doing other stuff and spends much less time in the chat window. Is there something that prioritizes chat windows and maybe takes a little bit of hit on other functions ? Thanks!
  13. SithMaster

    Donate only but farm when low ?

    Donate only but farm when low ? Hi, 1) I want one account to just donate and farm when low on elixir. Can I do that. 2) I want one account to donate big time, switch to another that farms/donates like normal but stay on the donate acct as long as possible but switch to the Farm acct when time is right. How to set that up ? 3) What does Donate like Crazy setting Bot Profiles tab do ?
  14. SithMaster

    VPS ?

    VPS ? Anyone know of a good vps service that doesn't cost a bomb ? Thx.
  15. How to increase wait time for BS start Hi, I'm on BS 3.56, Bot 7.6.2 . BS takes a bit long to start sometimes when multiple instances are attacking and the bot simply kills the attempt and tries opening BS again. It does this 3 times then Stops. How can I increase the wait time the bot waits for BS to start ? Thanks