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  1. No, I mean in the search for villages, what are the search criteria for dead bases?
  2. Ok and what did you put in research?
  3. Yes you are right. But if I actually manage to fill deposits of up to 8 million every day with the bot, it is very convenient, because in the meantime I can do other things than the bot will do it for me. Comfort. But if he has to farm for hours to get only 3 or 4 million then I prefer to play with more resources and avoid the ban
  4. I manually manage to make more than 8 million Gold and Elixir in 1 hour with upgraded barracks for 1 hour (th9, 800/1000 trophies, attacking only with goblins). You to make 550 / 600k gold / elixir for each attack in what trophy range are you in? what troops do you use and in the research you put at least 500k gold?
  5. But with 10/15 battles per day it would mean taking only 3/4 million G / E per day ... At this point I would do more by playing manually ..
  6. Hi guys, I have some questions for you. 1) I can't find on which Google email the progress of my village is saved so I am forced to use MyBot with the Supercell ID. Can you tell me if in the event of a ban, the entire Supercell account will be blocked and therefore all progress will be lost even on Clash Royale and Brawl Stars? 2) I used MyBot from 2015 to 2017 and found myself very well. Now I have noticed that SC has introduced additional security to detect bots. What settings and tips can I use to avoid the ban as much as possible? Can you link me maybe a guide? PS
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