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  1. Don't they normally speak of bots AND mods, whereas now they're specifically speaking of bots. It's certainly possible they're implementing some kind of botwatch.
  2. This mod is the best. I hope it'll be updated to 7.7.7 soon so I can update the bots .
  3. @NguyenAnhHD Hey Nguyen, thanks for reviving this awesome mod! I've been testing it and I can confirm that the chat bot isn't working properly. While it can send messages it fails to switches languages. [1:04:20 AM] Chatbot: Sorry, Language Change Dialog Does Not Appear. May Be You Are Already In : I love the new friendly challenge functionality that only posts challenges depending on keywords in the chat, however it never posts any challenges or even open the challenge window at all even though all the relevant check boxes have been checked. Chatbot: Skip Sending Chats To friendly challenge
  4. Why you should join us Most of us farm with LavaLoon but we donate any kind of troops 24/7. We're in Champion League CWL warring with Town Hall 12s. We're looking to recruit a few more th12s with high level heroes to do 30 vs 30 wars with a full roster of skilled TH12 players. As someone who's been running bots for years and has a complex setup himself I can provide settings and help. We're a chill clan of active English-speaking players. We have a Discord server, but joining is not mandatory. How to join Respond in this thread or directly message me. You're not TH12 or high TH11 yet? Come join our feeder clan instead.
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