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  1. How can i add another village on the bot I have 2 villages... Both have a SUPERCELL ID... I downloaded the bot etc and my first account is on it... But how can i add another village? So the bot can switch accounts (I dont/need them running at the same time)
  2. Anthos123

    Memu is slow

    Memu is slow Hi i have Memu 5.2.3 and it is very very slow... My PC is great and i downloaded it for over 2 times now again but i keeps being slow... Am i the only one with this problem?
  3. Anthos123

    Bot/Emulator download

    Bot/Emulator download Is there anyone that can help me getting the bot and to put 2 accounts on it? Im not that great with computers and im scared to mess it up since i use this laptop for school aswell!
  4. Anthos123

    Help with 2 accounts

    Help with 2 accounts Is there anyone here that can help me to get an emulator and the bot on my pc so i can run 2 accounts on the same time please? My snapchat is anthos123 and my email is [email protected], if anyone could help my out i would appreciate that!