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  1. Willing to open a new clan AIR + GROUND. Hello fellow Botters, I am willing to make to a new clan for Air + Ground troops. Anyone who wants to help me make it. If anyone wants to make a clan with me, please write on this thread or PM me. I am also available on Discord - Dc#9655. We will also be making more family clans if first one is successful. Any TH can join us.
  2. Dc2521

    Use CC Seige in SmartFarm

    Use CC Seige in SmartFarm Hey, Is there any patch by which I can use Seige Machine from my CC in multiplayer battle.
  3. SmartZap not using all the spells even if drills are left. Hey, Is it normal that SmartZap will attack only 1 drill? Because in my case, it is only attacking 1 drill out of 3 drills.
  4. Minimum requirements to run Bot. Hi, I was just thinking to run my Mini PC 24/7 because I use my Main PC for other purposes also. Mini PC Specs- Windows 10 Home Intel Atom x5-z8350 4GB RAM (Not Replaceable) 64GB SSD INTERNAL Main PC Specs- Windows 10 Home Single Language Intel Core i5-7400T 8GB DDR4 RAM 2TB HDD Just want to ask, which emulator should I use to run the Bot on such low specs? BTW, I use MEmu 5.2.3 on my Main PC.