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  1. Thats why u have to enable the drop throphies and limit to thing.. and no it wont drop to 100 throphies it means the bot wil stop attacking when the bot reaches 100 throphies which in my case it wont reach 100 throphies ever so it wont stop attacking when loot is available
  2. Yeah BB attack works and attack only when loot available also works. All you need to do is enable the ''drop throphies and limit to' feature which is just above the attack only when loot is available and set the limit as low as possible i have it on 100 or 200 (because ill never drop that low)
  3. ikr thats the reason i downloaded this version.. kinda useless now xd
  4. Ive tried the bot overnight but it does not attack in the builder base when loot is available..
  5. I hope this mod gets updated to 7.7.7 its by far one of the best mods (imo) . the BB attack is broken it does attack but only when i turn off attack when loot is available
  6. its working just fine on the normal base but it doesnt attack in the builders base am i doing something wrong or is the BB attack function not working 
  7. Hi, i just tried to edit a CSV it drops 2 giants on each side then switches troops and later drops 1 giant on each side agian im trying to get it to drop 3 giants on each side from the beginning but i cant seem to get it to work, if anyone could help me i would really appreciate it! Tyvm!!
  8. Thanks for this you are a hero! Improve allows SuperXP to run when Halt Attack enabled
  9. If it doesnt make it to the next version no problem just wanted to let you know that it doesnt attack when the bot is in halt mode, Thanks for your hard work!
  10. Can you make it so the bot will use superxp (attack goblin picnic) when in halt mode? when i use attack during troop training it'll stop when my elixir or gold is full
  11. Oh wait maybe i know the problem i have the bot on halt when elixir or gold is full (and currently my gold is full) so the bot is in halt mode.. and i have superxp on attack when training troops is this the problem? If so it would be nice if superxp continuous to attack when in halt mode
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