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  1. black screen English bluestacks shows black screen. so i switched to Chinese bluestacks.it opens clash of clans but the problem is that the settings doesn't have the add another account so I cannot use the bot. any solution to English bluestacks black screen?
  2. CoC Anybody having issues about Clash of Clans not launching with Bluestacks? It does not launch on my laptop. So I tried it on my asus tablet. Same results. No launch. Wondering why? Any help or crazy ideas?
  3. krakkenfez


    CoC Since I didn’t get a reply from my previous post about bluestacks being unable to open Clash of Clans, I decided to download Nox and see if it opens CoC. But the result is the same. Cannot launch CoC. Anybody care to enlighten me on this problem? I’m using winn10. It was working fine before but somehow it just conked out. Thanks!
  4. bluestacks 4 cannot start clash of clans. using win 10. any help? I cannot use mybot because bluestacks cannot open CoC
  5. Thank you, I got the bot working again. Found the config in profiles/village/ config. Thanks a lot! Much appreciated for the help!
  6. can you show me how please?I'm new to editing configs and such
  7. 7.7.6 bot using nox the latest bot is using nox emulator now. at first it was okay, after I restarted the computer, it started using nox emulator. I don't have nox on my computer. I have bluestacks 4 on my computer. any solution to this problem?
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