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  1. I have the same problem, but I had to uncheck the heroes in the "Upgrade Heroes" tab so that bot will not try to update the heroes. After that, it works fine! But if hero upgrade is your priority, either do it from "Auto Upgrade" option or do it manually once dark is available 🙂 Cheers.
  2. Cheers and Happy Holidays to you too 🙂 The bot works fine if I disable Hero upgrade as suggested, maybe this can help you find out the root cause 🙂
  3. Very impressed with this bot! my laptop remains very quiet and earnings is fast! the only issue I have with this and the standard stock bot that it is unable to find the level 13 walls, if the first try it can't find, it gives up and does not try again to look elsewhere! Would be best if a retry can be implemented to make this happen 🙂 Cheers.
  4. Sorry for not being specific. Every time I see this message, I could not find out exactly what the bot was doing really. I will try to disable the hero update and report back if this works. Thank you for your help, as always, cheers.
  5. Have been facing this error using the latest 4.3.3, previously I did not face any such issue, not back to the stock bot 😞
  6. Do you mean the "Filter Mix" option? I will try that now. The Collectors drop-down is set to 100% is that ok or need to set it to lower like 50%? just wondering 🙂
  7. Nice bot! I love the XP mod! but there is one problem, it is skipping all the dead bases saying "not a dead base" I have disabled the collectors check and enabled the "check defense status" but no luck! Any tips?
  8. [11:11:53 pm] Searching for a Loot Cart [11:11:53 pm] No Loot Cart found on your Village [11:11:53 pm] Collecting Resources [11:12:00 pm] Locating King Altar [11:12:04 pm] King Altar: (255,353) [11:12:06 pm] Operator Error - Bad King Altar Location: (255,353) Getting this error while locating the King Altar, have tried different base designs and tried to place the king on various empty locations but always the same error! Any idea how to fix this? Oh and it's a near maxed TH13
  9. Thanks to the awesome devs! the issue is resolved with the 7.8.9 update 🙂 Thread closed!
  10. Somehow my donations are not going through. Trying to pay by paypal and says, "payment can be done due to regulations!" 😞
  11. Yup! Memu 370 is faster and can minimize and runs even when the laptop session is locked! That is just great... I have also noticed it takes less CPU and uses GPU if available, which makes my laptop makes less noise 🙂
  12. Hi Guys, I have been using the standard BARCH all sides attack, and just recently realized there is an "Smart Farm" attack, from what I see it tries to deploy all troops on one side, so far I have had good luck and loot with it, just wondering if there are any RED alerts about using anything other than the standard "Red Line" BARCH attacks? Thanks.
  13. How is it simply replace the code in the file mentioned? any need to recompile or something else? I am using 7.8.8 not sure if this is still applicable? Thanks again for the great work 🙂
  14. Same problem here with 7.8.8 and BS3
  15. Hi support, I am using the 7.8.8 version and the BS 3, there are a couple of problems, while most of it works great. 1. I have all the walls aligned in the middle of the base so that no walls are hidden behind any structures etc but Bot fails to find any walls. The "Test" button also fails saying "No walls next to the previously upgraded walls." I have tried to delete the profiles and set up again but still the same. 2. The Grand Warden is not able to recognize, no matter where I place him, all other heroes have no issues 🙂 Kindly suggest a worka
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