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  1. - Remove Obstacles no work in bulder base ? my Bulder base have many obstacles .. - Attack only if loot available no work? or does it only work on drop trophies? ?
  2. Snoopy2oo5

    How To Drop All Sieges Empty or Not

    Thx u for help. But my xml File have other number. StoneS_100_89.xml. should I write the name at PNG 93? thx u . I testing this . i think my png is too big or ? i See u Pixel have 13x13
  3. Snoopy2oo5

    How To Drop All Sieges Empty or Not

    hello I have make this, but this no work StoneS. I have make png. Exactly as described It is registered in CVS What am I doing wrong?
  4. Fix for April Update ? . not find Okay button (April Update) not find Research lab button (April Update)
  5. Give Problems with update ( April )?