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  1. magicboy1

    [Hotfix_v2] Working after April Update

    I just need the zoom out feature to be fixed please. Samkie is a great mod and it would really help many others too. I would even pay honestly. Pm if you can do it.
  2. magicboy1

    [Hotfix_v2] Working after April Update

    One of the old mod bots I am using keeps clicking on the battle pass button when I start it. But if I manually zoom out, it works perfectly. What can I edit to fix this? I really like the old mod bot and don't want to use newer version. Will pay for help thanks! Pm me or message here (mod is samkie mod)
  3. How do I disable zoom out feature? When starting out the bot, it always zooms out. I am using an old mod with a friendly feature challenge that no other new ones have. Is there a way I can delete something in the script so it doesn't zoom out. If I manually zoom out, it works as normal
  4. Hi I was wondering if you would be interested in adding a feature or April update to one of the bots. I am in an active war clan and we love having a bot give FC. However, your bot and the ones that are out there only have friendly challenge for one active war base. There is an old mod called "Sam mod" that we still use that lets us select all 6 of the bases and the bot gives them out randomly. Is there a way you can "copy" or implement the source from that bot into yours? I would make a payment just for this if you are agreeable. We can discuss the price. 


    This is the mod. I just need the FC feature. Please let me know in PM thanks!



    1. NguyenAnhHD


      Sorry, but I stopped working Mod. Again apologize to you.

    2. magicboy1


      For $100 paypal, would you be willing to take a look at the bot please? I just need the FC feature working again after April update. I can go up on price if needed. Please! Ty!

      I just need a hot fix for the sam mod I linked above. Just FC feature again to clarify sorry. 

  5. magicboy1

    [Hotfix_v2] Working after April Update

    Thank you bro. Can you please tell me what file to edit and how to fix the zoom out feature, as it always clicks the battle pass. I have an old mod that I like to use, I can't fix. Thank you!