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  1. smartpul16

    Multiple Bots Memu Instance Not Found

    I did create the instance and it still does the same thing, this does not happen if I reinstall my MEmu and mybot and create multiple instances before I start bot
  2. Multiple Bots Memu Instance Not Found Hi, I already have two instances running of Memu and MEmu_1 since 2 days and now when I am trying to add the third instance, the bot gives me an error saying Cannot Find instance MEmu_2 Available instances are: MEmu MEmu_1
  3. Bot not using freeze spell effectively Hello, I am using scripted attacks in mybot with 4 rage and 3 freeze spells, and it seems like that the bot uses 3 freeze spells in few attacks but misses on most of them. 3/10 attacks are successful with all spells being used, any ideas on what can be the issue with this?? Does it depend on the type of base, where the buildings are situated? What can I do to make the bot use all spells. MAKE MAKE |L |RIGHT-FRONT|1 |1 |IGNORE |0 |0 |INFERNO | | MAKE |U |FRONT-RIGHT|1 |1 |IGNORE |0 |0 |INFERNO | | MAKE |Z |FRONT-LEFT |1 |1 |IGNORE |0 |0 |EAGLE | | DROP DROP |Z |1 |1 |FSpell |0 |0 |200-250 | | | WAIT |4000-4200 | | | | | | | | | DROP |G |1 |1 |FSpell |0 |0 |100-150 | | | DROP |U |1 |1 |FSpell |0 |0 |190-230 |
  4. smartpul16

    Use Warden Ability

    how sir? Nevermind, figured
  5. smartpul16

    Use Warden Ability

    Use Warden Ability Hello, Is there anyway I can use warden's ability within 20 seconds of his deployment? I am not sure what I need to change in my csv for this? Thanks
  6. smartpul16

    Waiting for Full Army - Donation

    Thanks Nytol
  7. Waiting for Full Army - Donation Hey guys, I am trying to donate in my clan using the bot and even after preparing 280 troops and setting everything up, bot keeps saying "Chief is your army ready yet? No, Not yet" and it keeps looping checking for the full army when it is already at max! This stops the bot from donating in the clan and just sits idle. Any suggestions, please? I can post pictures if you guys want, I switched it to farm at the moment. I am using MyBot 7.6.6 and Nox 6.2 emulator For some reason when I try to use Memu, the bot keeps giving me the error "Army window not found" Hence I switched to Nox.