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  1. Buy Books from daily trade deals I believe we should allow the bot to buy daily deals like Book of Heroes / Book of fighting if we want to.. I personally would love to see this since I can not be active everyday to check what deals are provided in which accounts by the trader.
  2. This is currently a problem since the developer made changes to image recognition. you would have to change \imgxml\ArmyOverview\TroopQueued --> Rename the *IceG_100_92.xml* to *IceG_100_93.xml** \imgxml\ArmyOverview\Troops ---> Rename the *IceG_100_90.xml* to *IceG_100_91.xml*
  3. you can use "Double Train" Option it should be under your army
  4. every time I create an instance and go to RDP to connect, the machine loads up with black screen, anyone know how to fix it?
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