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  1. mitzu2250

    Bot Attacks TH10 when TH9 max is selected

    That in-game tick box only disables the snow storm, not the whole snow theme. (at least this is how it works for me). I don't see any snow storm in the screenshot he attached.
  2. mitzu2250

    Waiting for shared folder to get mounted...

    I have the same issue. I fixed it by starting nox manually, opening the game and then the bot. If it doesn't work the first time, do it again.
  3. mitzu2250

    [v7.7] BlueStacks2 Problems to load COC

    Try using \..\COCBot\functions\Android\AndroidBlueStacks.au3 from 7.6.5 instead of the one from 7.7. I had the same issue with 7.6.6 and this is how I solved the issue. @rbrt: Do you think it's the same issue as in the below topic ?
  4. mitzu2250

    Clan Donation (OCR) not donating

    Hello, Can you post a screenshot of you balloon donation settings ? Also, if you can, use the Photo button of the bot when it opens the donation window (not clan chat, the window that opens when Donate is pressed).
  5. mitzu2250

    my bot doesn't work

    Open Nox manually then open Clash of Clans. Open MyBot then Start it. It should go pass the "Waiting for shared folder to get mounted..." I had the same issue and the above worked for me. It will work continuously unless you stop it. If you stop it, you will probably need to do the steps again.
  6. mitzu2250

    bot making archers

    You set the level of the troop in order for the bot to be able to calculate correctly the cost needed to train the troops. (displayed in the boxes below where you see 112 000 elixir in my screenshot). This is used to calculate Stats. I'm not sure but the bot should be able to halt attack if you don't have enough elixir to train all troops.
  7. You shouldn't open new topics while other users have the same issue: (and it's not even an issue)
  8. mitzu2250

    bot making archers

    Uncheck this and train troops using the textboxes below the troop icon as shown in the picture:
  9. mitzu2250

    Increase SmartZap max characters

    Honestly, I read how SmartZap works and I left it on for few attacks. I'm not really happy with it's mechanics and that's why I wanted to use NoobZap. Example: - Remaining dark elixir was 960 in one drill. - Drops 1 EQ - 720 remaining - 240 profit / spell - Drops 1 Light - 123 remaining - 597 profit / spell - Drops 1 Light - 0 remaining - 123 profit / spell I just want to maximize my profit and not use spells if profit is <1000(+) dark / spell. This is why I use 4 characters in the textboxes mentioned above. Topic can be closed if you think the suggestion isn't a good one .
  10. Hello, Since the new version [7.7], something changed in the Last Raid as Text format. Overall it looks ok but there are some issues / things that can be improved: - the amount looted is rounded up (ex Looted ~315k gold, I got message with 320k). this can be easily sent as 315k - pictures 1 & 2 - the percentage is not always correct (ex sometimes I receive a message with 98% and 3*) - pictures 3 & 4 LE: After looking into the AttackLog vs Loot pictures I noticed that there are some wrong percentages there also (about 10% wrong). I think that this happens because buildings get destroyed while the bot ends battle as the percentage seems to be saved by last reading during the battle and not actually read from battle results. Hope this helps. Examples below:
  11. mitzu2250

    Increase SmartZap max characters

    I understands how the script works, indeed if you put too much the drills will be skipped but at the same time some don't want to waste light to gain a low amount. Anyway, if this won't make to main version I will change it myself every version. It's just a suggestion.
  12. mitzu2250

    Remote Control

    I was using it in English and I had issues. Jo5 sure it's related.
  13. mitzu2250

    Increase SmartZap max characters

    Hello @Solchael, From what I tested, the first text box "min amount of Dark elixir" is actually the remaining dark elixir available to be stolen after all troops were deployed. This can be in either drills (if have not been destroyed), in storage, treasury, or in all of them. Indeed, the second text box "expected gain of dark elixir" is the amount expected to be deducted from the first value (min amount of..) after the drill was strike with eq/lightning. As I said in the first post, chances to get above 1000 in one strike are probably very low but still possible. I have done this to my bot, will come back with some results on Monday.
  14. mitzu2250

    Remote Control

    One small update about this. Seems like the commands I sens to the bot ar working (tried with PAUSE and the bot was paused and even responded with the message) but other messages sent by it don't work (like last raid text) Le: the bot started working normally after I resumed it. Very very strange as I didn't changed any settings before the pause. So basically, it wasn't sending anything before PAUSE and started sending after RESUME.
  15. mitzu2250

    Multiple image detection problems

    Hello, 1. Snow is the issue. Probably won't be fixed as snow will be gone in few weeks. 2. Upgrade your TH and you'll be fine. You can tick Debug Smart Farm and see the results there. Most probably the issue is that the low level collectors aren't recognized as the bot only has 7+ mines in the image recognition collection. (Check Attack Plan -> Search & Attack -> DeadBase -> Collectors.