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  1. No, it doesn't. Wait for the next version.
  2. There are no evidence that someone was banned for using mybot.run.
  3. Changing skins doesn't affect the bot. The reason why the Warden change affected the bot is that the picture in the Army window and on the Army Bar was changed.
  4. You can use a MOD to attack in the Builder Base:
  5. But in the same time, if you're boosted and past the limit of the trophies, the bot will spend time dropping trophies instead of attacking and therefore wasting a good amount of time. This is especially important during the 1 gem army boost events. So maybe add a tick box "do not drop if troops are ready" but this would mean that heroes should be available. So in the end the purpose should be to skip dropping if the camps are full. First attack and then drop.
  6. No idea what HDV means but you can find configuration for all TH levels in this forum: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/16-bot-settings-sharing-discussion/
  7. Have you changed names of folders or files? You have the same error on all 3 bots?
  8. Open a proper Bug Report for this issue. The topic should contain logs and some screenshots of when this is happening.
  9. Delete .mybot.run.authentication from %APPDATA% folder. C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Roaming
  10. Not possible to donate 4 different types of troops. Either do it yourself or open a suggestion topic. (No one raised this until now so probably developers won't do this soon).
  11. Relocate Spell Factory.
  12. You can only select one level. However, if you have some basic coding skills, I'm pretty sure that you can do some changes to the code in order to upgrade walls starting from the lowest level possible and going up.
  13. Please follow this guide for a valid Bug Report:
  14. Please follow this guide for a valid Bug Report:
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