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  1. Like the one that is already in place ?!
  2. Meanwhile you can delete the code which is looking for the lootcart. Or delete the file inside MyBot-MBR_vX.X.X\imgxml\Resources\LootCart
  3. Not using the bot for complex requests but I think the bot donates the troop of which text is found first (?). One way to bypass this, I think, is to create a custom donation and set the text accordingly. (Eventually you could ask clan mates to write simple requests like pekka icegolem rage wrecker and you put this as a custom request and select the desired troops.
  4. Tried this a couple of times today while farming for DE. Most of the time was a success. Eventually could be added under SmartZap or somewhere aroung that area. Seems to me like something to consider.
  5. Base version doesn't support Builder Base attack. Check MODS developed by other users: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/82-compilation-modifications/
  6. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/94-emulator-discussion-support/ I personally use Nox
  7. Sorry, I understood your question wrong. You didn't mentioned "Windows" so I thought that you're talking about game account. I know for sure that bot works while the computer is LOCKED. Not sure how it behaves if you LOCK it and LOG IN to another account but you can try it yourself.
  8. It depends. If the other account is the same TH level and has the same layout IT MIGHT work. But even then, it may have some issues since it's a different base. I suggest you create a different profile for a second base if you want to use the bot for multiple accounts. There are a lots of features that can help you manage multiple accounts. If this is not your goal, then simply PAUSE the bot while you log to the other account in order to stop it from it's regular actions.
  9. There are no evidence that someone was banned for using mybot.run.
  10. Changing skins doesn't affect the bot. The reason why the Warden change affected the bot is that the picture in the Army window and on the Army Bar was changed.
  11. You can use a MOD to attack in the Builder Base:
  12. But in the same time, if you're boosted and past the limit of the trophies, the bot will spend time dropping trophies instead of attacking and therefore wasting a good amount of time. This is especially important during the 1 gem army boost events. So maybe add a tick box "do not drop if troops are ready" but this would mean that heroes should be available. So in the end the purpose should be to skip dropping if the camps are full. First attack and then drop.
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