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  1. mitzu

    error adb

    Seriously? I gave you a possible solution. Things change from version to version...
  2. mitzu

    error adb

    Hello, Can you try to move bot folder to a location without spaces in the name ? Something like C:\. In your case, there is a space in your Windows username "Novin Pendar"
  3. mitzu

    Error V 7.4.4

    Please use the search feature before opening new topics.
  4. mitzu

    Can´t upgrade walls

    Have you even read the replies in this topic before posting this?
  5. mitzu

    Wall Upgrade/Building Upgrade Synergy

    What bot doesn't do and maybe should is to predict if there will be enough resources to start a building as soon as a builder is free. Let's assume the following scenario. 1. 4/5 Builders working with 1 reserved for walls. Next builder will be free in 4h, another in 2d and other 3d+. 2. Auto Upgrade list: 1. Cannon 8kk GOLD, 2. Army Camp 6kk Elixir, 3. Tesla 3kk Gold. 3. Wall costs: 4kk gold/elixir 4. Current resources: 3kk Gold, 2kk Elixir. 5. Current stats: gaining 400k Gold & 250K Elixir / hour. Currently, in the above case, the bot would continue farming and as soon as it would reach 4kk gold, it would update a wall with it (4kk+ actually but you get the point). By doing this, when the second builder will be free, it wouldn't have enough resources to upgrade anything and would start saving when the builder is free. Ideally, the bot would know when the next builder would finish and will become free and will start saving resources earlier based on the current gain / hour. In this case, we assume that the stats are accurate. As far as I can think of, the only part that is missing is the part where bot reads the builder time, everything else is already in place and should be easy to implement with a little thinking on the system. We could also add a tick "Start early saving when upgrading walls" in the Auto Upgrade menu. If this is not ticked will go the current way, otherwise it will skip wall upgrading when a builder will become free soon. _____ Another idea is just to have something like a tick and a dropdown saying something like "Stop upgrading walls x hours before builder becomes free" this would be a lot easier to implement and doesn't have so much math behind.
  6. mitzu


    Use the username and password of the forum account.
  7. mitzu

    Just upgrade - No attacking

    You have different halt modes available. I think those are what you look for.
  8. mitzu

    ERROR my bot run 7.7.4

  9. mitzu

    Fast search option

    Also a log of searched would help us. One that was using the above settings.
  10. mitzu

    Fast search option

    You have some wrong settings if this is happening : First thing, the bot looks at resources. If the resources are according to what you selected, it will continue the search on the Dead / Active Base. I suggest you look at your settings and think WHY the bot ALWAYS find a match on resources for ALL bases. For me, the bot does a NEXT after 2-3 seconds.
  11. mitzu

    Error in abd.exe in V7.7.4

    Provide some more details of the issue if it's not the above. Developers need to know WHAT to fix. 0xc000007b is not so clear.
  12. mitzu

    Couple quick bugs

    These are not valid bug reports. The Siege training works good even with double train. What level is your Workshop factory? It should be 3 as you're trying to train 3 sieges.