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  1. jesus0

    iTools AVM support

    hi @cosote @ChacalGyn ..i tested it and work very well i have 2 qustions how can i share text beetwin pc and itools? when i download file with itools how can i shate it on pc? thanks
  2. ohh..thank you dear i will change setting same your picture and report the result.. work well with extra spells.thank you @Fahid.Mahmood
  3. yea. its correct but when the rage 2numbers or 5 heal bot don't remove any extera amount and don't going attack!
  4. hi why the mod won't remove the extera spells!? bot remove some extera troops but don't work well in spells.. so when i want to donate spells and number of spells not correct mod don't going to attack and all time regulary cheked tehs tab spells!!!