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  1. Date received Ban notice: 1/14/2020 Which version(s) of the bot did you use in last few weeks prior to ban notice? (official release, or MOD, specify version please) V7.8.1 and V7.8.2 [Update] Which Emulator are you using? (BlueStacks, Memu, Driod4x, Nox & Include version #!) Blue Stacks v0.10.7.5601 [Update] Have you ever bought gems? Yes, on all 3 accounts [Update] Which version of Clash are you using? v13.0.4 [Update] How many devices is your Clash account used on? Which devices are they? 3, 1 Google Pixel 4XL, 1 iPad Mini and 1 iPad What army composition was used? (goblin, BARCH, GiBARCH, etc) 2=donation only, script = mass miners What attack search type were you using? (Dead only, Live only, Dead/live, or Dead/Live/Bully/TH combo) 2=n/a, 1=dead only If you were attacking live bases, which attack type did you use? (1, 2, 3, or 4 sided; DE Side, TH Side, or Milk Farm) n/a Did you use Scripted Attack feature? (yes/no, please list name of CSV script used FF, 8F, GoWiPe, AQWalk, etc) Yes: [TH12] Mass Miners Strategy TH12 (Exterme DE Farming) Did you have smart attack enabled for conventional attack types? (yes/no) If so, were you using drop near collectors? (yes/no) n/a What was your attack delay unit? (1-9, or random) What was your Wave delay (1-9, or random) [Update]How much time per day did you use bot (24/7, or how many hours?)[Before ''Fair play'' news and after ''Fair play'' news] ~8 hours, configured for more but instability and changes resulted in less How much time per day did you manually play game? 30-60 minutes Were you in a clan? (yes/no) Yes Were you in a clan specifically known for bot use? (yes/no) No Did you use modifications of CSV files or other game files for CoC app inside Android emulator? (yes/no, and list type: Low GFX, auto zoom out, show traps, etc) No [Update] Do you have other game modifications or TOS violating software like xmod or imod installed on your device since Fair Play notice started? (yes/no, if yes which one?) No ^^^^ Answer yes even if you did a regular uninstall of xmod. It leaves files even after an uninstall. Have you EVER posted a picture of your base (even with name/clan blurred out), an attack log, or the number of resources you had in clan chat, bot forums, reddit, SC forums, etc.? No Does anyone who knows your base name/clan know that you're using the bot? (yes/no) Yes If you have a SC forum account, does it use the same IP/email as your clash account and have you admitted to using the bot or been banned on it? (yes/no) No Do you have any prior violations of the ToS (offensive language, offensive base design, etc.) No
  2. Enable Alternating Profiles Based on Schedule I have tried to use the current scheduling options in the bot to alternate profiles based on time but it didn't work and I have been told that it isn't designed to work that way. I would like it to be an option. Use Case Example: I have 2 donation accounts, Donation 1 and Donation 2. I would like to be able to configure the same bot to use Donation 1 for 3 hours (0-2) then switch to Donation 2 profile for 3 hours (3-5) and then back. This would allow me to have 24 hour donations without ever hitting the 4 hour cap with any one account. When I try to configure this via the attack schedule, Donation 1 just goes offline for 3 hours and Donation 2 never starts up. I'm not going to propose a solution unless you ask but this would be a nice enhancement (IMHO). Thanks!
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