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  1. Ok, I get that, but the link you provided doesn't have 4.80...just confused me a bit. Thanks.
  2. Sorry to be dense but why are you specifying Bluestacks 4.80? The downloadable versions from the link are are 4.1x?
  3. Munch is right! You must be insecure....only insecure people ever get their stuff hacked....you know, the Pentagon, NSA, the White House....those kinds of places.
  4. I don't want to think about it...the only reason I have this game is for wars...can't imagine why you would want to have the bot do your war attacks for you...in your case, I'm glad for the ban! Win or lose, I'd hate to have you in my clan or face you in another if all you're going to do is have your computer attack for you. <SMDH>
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