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  1. can u please send me a picture of ur fwa base on the message section and then ill send u the details
  2. pm sent
  3. Offical FWA Bot Clan Level 9 [24/7] Level 9 Clan 40/50 FWA Troops such as lava loons are always ready Level 9 FWA Clan Those Who are not aware what is FWA then Read Below The Farm War Alliance was created to allow farming clans to participate in arranged wars with other farming clans that understand the farm war concept. We are an International group of over 520+ proud clans. We take turns winning and all have similar easy to 3 star bases. This allows our clans to gain considerable clan XP and loot. Q: How should my FWA base look like?A: Copy The Picture Simple Every Season : Get 12000 Donation 20000 Request Rules to comply with in order to join:- Do not mention botting in clan chat / global chat. Townhall level: Level: How many hours do you bot: Can use Band: YES please note that at this moment i am looking for th 10 and 9s only very active ones .. as soon as you join our clan make sure to show your base and talk to a co when u do get approved that's it nothing ells will be required of you. 1. Send a challenge so we can get your war weight it can be any base . 2. Set the FWA base as active so we may see if its acceptable. 3. make sure to request and Donate those troops. Loons, Lava , Giants, Wizards, Archers these are the only troops are allowed to go in and out.
  4. They will accept me in the clan