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  1. Provide Screenshots of the problem?? 😉
  2. Can you provide logs please? Thank You 😉
  3. Enable " Double Train " in the Train Army Settings 😉
  4. English only! English is the only language you are allowed to use on the forums and in the chatbox. If you wish to speak any other language, please go to the Foreign Forums!
  5. Hi Supertroops is not yet implemented in Mybot v7.8.3 😉
  6. Follow this Instruction:
  7. Can you provide screenshots of your settings? 😉
  8. Nope, normal attack like Smartfarm & Standard follow the same procedure to balance the troops deployment. Only Scripted Attack can provide random troop drop quantity 😉
  9. Can you provide logs?? and screenshots of the Error? Thanks 😉
  10. Nope, you should request for one 😉
  11. This bug is already been fix in v7.8.4 Beta 😉 So just wait for the new release
  12. It has been removed by the devs. So you can either try the light mod version of Chacal instead 😉
  13. Try Bot > Android > Additional Click Delay 1000 MS = 1 sec
  14. You've made 2 post about this problem btw and it won't change anything, you just need to bump the post once a day 🤦‍♂️
  15. So far the bot detect those in the latest 7.8.3 in the Official Release btw, And propably yours haven't yet updated?? If not, can you provide logs please??
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