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  1. Hello, I use MyBot version 7.8.2 and latest BlueStacks version on Windows 10 Home edition. I run the bot via AutoIt script and it works well. However, I put the bot to run overnight but came back in the morning to see it attacked just 5 times, closed itself (since I enabled close while training) but then just did nothing till morning. MyBot did not crash, Bluestacks did not crash, the bot just did not run till morning. I checked 'Halt attack' conditions but they were not met to halt the attack. There is was not any scheduled tasks set to run on the system. I have set Choose what closing the lid does -> "Do Nothing" under Control Panel. This is the log: [01:33:25] ====== Waiting for full army ====== [01:33:31] Waiting, Add random delay of 9 seconds [01:33:42] Train end time: 2020/03/26 01:54:09 [01:33:47] Time Idle: 00:00:22 [01:33:51] Troops time: 20.00 min [01:33:52] Smart Wait time = 20.16 Minutes [01:33:55] Pulled shared_prefs of profile MyVillage (19 files) [01:33:55] Closing CoC...... [01:34:03] Enabled bot controls due to long wait time [01:34:03] Waiting 20 minutes 10 seconds before starting CoC [06:17:21] Launch Clash of Clans now... [06:17:36] Pushed shared_prefs of profile MyVillage (19 files) [06:17:44] Android DirectX not available, using ADB screencap for background capture [06:17:50] Trying to locate Main Screen [06:18:00] Please wait for CoC restart..... (emphasis mine) Please help ASAP!! I run it with the screen locked. Is that what is causing the issue? Can I not run mybot with screen locked? Thanks in advance. I tried one more time with screen unlocked. Still the same issue!
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