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  1. You stopped the bot one week ago and still got banned today? Can you translate the warning? It looks like it's not about 3rd party right?
  2. That would be the first thing they look at. Then the time you online, the exact pixel clicks when training troops or somewhere else like someone mentioned, the speed you drop your troop, the behaviors that repeat again and again... TBH, it wouldn't be impossible if they want to catch botters. The point is, as my understanding, they gave us a chance to stop botting before they perform a massive ban wave, like they did with xmod long time ago. Yes I believe they already garther us botters list since long time ago, now they sent a warning instead of sudden ban wave, because they did analyze the sequence of doing so, financial aspect is finally the most important thing to consider. Sure that botting is risky since the beginning, but if you deeply look into the history, the scale of risk is bigger than ever. This is the first time they specifically target BOT in their declaration. Bot only, not mod&bot or some fairplay policies BS. So instead of trying to convince my self and others that the bot has been safe and will be always safe, I stopped botting right after they announced the announcement, so that I would have time to see what might happens next then consider whether to bot or not in the future. Safety's always first.
  3. Why didn't you put it here: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/18461-offical-mybotrun-i-received-ban-from-sc-thread-updated/&page=10#comments Looking forward for more information.
  4. 2 accounts with 2 bots in my experience. Anyway install Anydesk or Teamviewer on your desktop and sync with your ipad/laptop just incase something go wrong.
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