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  1. bineva17

    Ban wave

    Lol Anyone notice that cloud is much much thinner after this ban wave? It takes only about one minute to find a base. Unbelievable!
  2. bineva17

    Ban wave

    24/7, suspected multi IP adress. And main reason is account sharing. That's far as I know. Anyway plenty of our CVSs are very bot-like and may be harmful to our community. Although this ban wave probably doesn't aim for botters, I'd suggest let our bots rest for 8 hours each day.
  3. bineva17

    How often should I let my laptop rest?

    Same 100% 24:7 with a PC but should'nt run that long with a laptop even a gaming one. I'd suggest 16 hours a day.
  4. Are you sure? I use Zeck CVS v6.4.1, extended edges and troops still can not all be deployed when attacking spread base, which buildings placed to the edge of the map.
  5. bineva17

    7.6.5 does not drop alltroops

    Something wrong with extended edges? My troops "can't be deployed on red line" since yesterday after the small update. I'm using my edited Nomorelavaloon CVS.
  6. Extended Edges problem: Troops can not deployed. Hello there. It's seasonal obstacle growing time, so many bases in Titan and Legend turn into spawning base, which mean all buildings are spread out to the edge of the map. I currently using NomoreLavaloon cvs in Legend, which attack from Exended edges, but due to spawning base feature, all troops can not be deployed and I have been facing many lost. Is there any fix for this problem? Thanks a lot!
  7. bineva17

    Teamviewer alternative

    Same. After writing for them, nothing worked. They said something like they can't find reason to unblock me, instead of finding reason to block me. This is actually a cash grab from them. They force us to buy their expensive software.
  8. bineva17

    smart farm solution after the update

    Found this solution too. That was when I was trying to testify which troops the bot could deploy. Thank you for your contribution to the community Quadeel!