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  1. I wrote in the 3. line : "Clean Memu 7.2.2 ( after getting the error with recommended 6.2.1 Version)" 😕 ? What did you mean with iTools is a bad decision? I fixed the issue with disable Random Click .
  2. Sooo i made - Clean win 10 pro installation - Clean Memu 7.2.2 ( after getting the error with recommended 6.2.1 Version) -Clean AIO install -Clean Profile Im using the i5 internal GPU but i dont think thats the problem. i tried both "Screencapture Background modes" (Android and Win API) [15:50:23] Total Army Camp Capacity: 240/240 (100%) [15:50:23] - 15 Baby Dragons Available [15:50:23] - 10 Minions Available [15:50:23] - 1 Lava Hound Available [15:50:23] - 8 Balloons Available [15:50:24] Remaining King recover time: 8.00 [15:50:24] Total Spell Factory Capacity:
  3. MEmu and 4.2.5 AIO Im getting the same Error with Win API 😞 "ERROR on GetOCRCurrent" and "ERROR on GetCurrentArmy"
  4. i use memu already, but i copyed my old profiles from the Clean Mybot. Maybe this is the mistake? i dont think that we all 3 made the same wrong :D
  5. Hey Guys, i restarted CoC and botting after a couple of years. In my clan 90% of the donation requests are pictures instead of words. Did the bot detect these picture request correct? There are only Keywords in the request tab .. thx for your help :)!
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