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  1. General

    1. English only!
      • English is the only language you are allowed to use on the forums and in the chatbox. If you wish to speak any other language, please go to the Foreign Forums!
      • Is your language section missing? You may request it be added. Apply for a Regional Moderator position: here.
    2. No advertising
      • Don't post links to other websites that are not useful for the topic subject. Posting a link in your signature is allowed as long as it's not abused and follows the rest of our rules. Unaffected by the preceding remarks it is not allowed to post links from sites that compete with this site.
      • Don't advertise services you own or work for (i.e. If you run a VPS/Server company, don't advertise it.). You are more than welcome to recommend a service to look at or use though, basically just don't blatantly be around the forums only to be gaining customers for yourself.
      • Do not spam your referral link for "free gift card" sites.
      • This also applies to spamming your mod's topic in unrelated threads.
    3. No spamming
      • Spamming is characterized by the initiation of threads or posts that contribute nothing to a forum, be it off topic or on topic.
        • Examples include: empty bodies, bodies with few words that have no relation to the current topic or discussion and those posts that state they are spam, either to annoy or increase a member's post count (means posts like "Thanks" or something similar). This determination is made by the forum staff and is not up for discussion.
        • There are some very thin-line exceptions to this rule. We do allow such "thank you" posts in the Official Releases forum as can easily be seen. Also if someone is asking for help, they're more than allowed to say "Thank you" for helping them. But if someone comes along and just says "Thanks" in a random topic elsewhere, it could very well be considered a spam-like post and adding nothing to the topic at hand. 
      • Spam of any kind is not allowed. e.g: Posting irrelevant or useless content.
    4. No disrespect
      • Under no circumstance is anyone allowed to disrespect ANY member of any kind.
      • If you are a long standing member, act like one. Lead by example and assist other newer members rather then attacking them. We want our veteran members to teach the newer members the appropriate way to use these forums and most importantly, that we have a great community here.
      • If someone insults you, do not retaliate. REPORT the offending post of theirs.
    5. Forum Warnings
      • Forum Warnings will not be applied without good reason.
      • Forum Warnings are permanent.
      • If you follow these rules, there will not be any problems!
      • It's only when you receive an excessive amount of warnings that impact your forum account. Typical results of warning points are (subject to change):
        • Reach 5 warning points = 24 hour forum posting ban
        • Reach 10 points = 3 day forum posting ban, plus moderation
        • Reach 15 points = 1 week forum posting ban, plus moderation
        • 30 points = complete forum ban for your registered email and IP address
        • If your rule violation(s) include willful intent to harm, such as: spamming, disrespect, foul language, or posting ban links/advertising; your account can/will also earn moderation (review by staff) of all posts.  Minor infraction moderation will last a few days till you calm down, major violations could result in permanent moderation of all content.
      • Do not look at forum warning system in a bad way. In most warnings, we're actually helping you with a gentle reminder to read and obey forum rules.
      • If you have a problem with a warning, talk with the Staff Member who warned you first.
    6. No Ripping/Unauthorized Use of Code
      • You are free to use all knowledge here for your personal, non-commercial gain.
      • You are not allowed to post something written by another user, unless you have their permission.
    7. Asking for Support or Reporting Bugs
      • Support will be given in the support forums, not in Shoutbox, not in the download comments and not as Private Message (PM). Anything that is not posted in forums, will be ignored or deleted. For support questions in the download comments you will receive a warning. People who PM a STAFF member with their support topic or a support question will receive a warning as well. People who post a support topic in the Shoutbox asking for help in it will receive a Shoutbox ban.
      • Do NOT ask for Support or report Bugs in ANY topics in the Official Releases forum. You will receive a forum warning for doing this.
      • If you continuously keep asking for Support without providing us with the information we are asking for, your forum account will receive a warning.
        • The same would apply for submitting a Bug Report while continuously asking for it to be fixed or for a fix without providing more information or a debug file.
      • Please follow the rules in our Bug Reports forum by reading our Pinned Topic in place there first. We ask in almost all situations that you provide us with a debug file without needing to have to ask for one.
      • This is not a teaching page, meaning that we will not answer on questions with basic HTML, basic install things, other basic things which can simply find by using Google or on any server problems. We will also not answer on questions which are already answered somewhere in forums. Use the SEARCH function. If you create topics like this or silly questions, you might see your topic has been Hidden or Deleted.
    8. Selling
      • Selling of any kind is AGAINST the rules, and you will receive a forum warning for doing so.
      • It is okay to ask for help on how and where to sell it, but selling on our website is NOT allowed.
    9. Bumping Topics
      • Do bump topics that have had no responses in 1 week.
      • Bumping your own topic is only allowed every 48 hours. If you don't follow this your post will either be deleted and you could receive a forum warning.
    10. No Grave-Digging
      • Do not grave dig. Only post in relevant topics. Grave digging means posting in very old and abandoned topics.
        • There are exceptions to this rule: Such as if your post would be absolutely helpful to others and is adding new useful information not found elsewhere.
      • If help/bug post is over 6 months old, it is very likely that Game app has changed, and several versions of bot have been released since that problem occurred. So issue was fixed, or otherwise eliminated.   If the existing solution does not work for your, start a new thread!
    11. No Cross-Posting
      • Cross-Posting is when you post the same message multiple time in various topics and forums. Continuing to post a similar message will result in a forum warning and could lead up to a restriction from posting or forum ban.
    12. No Pornographic Material
      • Any sexually oriented imagery or links to such content will not be tolerated and will be punished with a ban.
    13. No Excessive Cursing or Swear Words
      • We encourage you to use our community as a forum to debate topics, but don't use swear words.
      • Occasional foul language will typically be tolerated,  BUT We will not tolerate abuse or bullying upon another member.
      • Please keep chat/posts PG13 rated as kids do play CoC!
    14. Multiple Forum Accounts
      • You are only allowed to have 1 forum account. Any additional accounts will be banned, action can be taken against your primary account depending on the situation too.
    15. Reputation Cheating
      • If you are found to be cheating your reputation, it will be reset. So do not sign up multiple forum accounts to increase your reputation. See rule number 14 (Multiple Forum Accounts.) It's just a number at the end of the day.
    16. Signature Size
      • We have limits in place, however it doesn't mean you need to push your signature to these limits. You signature doesn't need to be insanely large and the most noticeable signature of all members. It should not be obnoxiously too large for other users browsing.
      • Always use the KISS method!
        • Kiss = Keep It Short & Simple
    17. No Signature or Profile Picture/Avatar Abuse
      • If we find that an image you use in your signature or profile picture/avatar is offensive to anyone it will be immediately removed and your account will received a forum warning (or even a possible ban). Be sure to keep your signature and profile picture/avatar at a reasonable size.
    18. Using MyBot.run during Clan Wars
      • Mybot.run does not support use of any bot during clan war.  This bot was created to help reduce stress of constant farming required to grow a base, and is not to automate war attacks.  While there are some features that support trophy push and custom attacks; we do not support and will not allow discussion of MBR use for war.  Any discussion on how to use MBR for war will be removed, and user will receive a warning.


    Forum Etiquette

    1. Disable CAPS LOCK
      • There are some exceptions to this rule though, especially topics in the Mods/Codes Development forum and the Clan Invite forum. So you'll see stuff like MOD, TH10, UPDATED and so forth in topics already. Those are more typically seen in those forums, so if you're posting in Bot General Discussion, Help and Support or Bug Reports and typing ALL caps in either your topic title or your posts, we don't want this nor will tolerate it. Warnings can and will be given out for this.
    2. Specific Forums Posting Formats
      • Certain forums have posting formats that you must adhere by such as the "Bug Reports" forum. Either take a quick look at how other topics are formatted (especially titles and/or the first post) or read the pinned topics for more information on these.
      • Look at the format of other topics in the forum you are posting at and make yours similar to them.
    3. No Insanely Long Posts (Code or Logs Related)
      • Do not post logs that are longer than 10 lines without formatting them correctly! Nobody want to scroll past hundreds of lines just to answer your question. Either upload your log to https://pastebin.com OR post the log using the spoiler button Tlkn7zq.png in the Post Editor Toolbar. People who violate this rule will be warned.
    4. Thread Organization
    5. Read the Pinned Topics in each section you visit
      • Before posting anything in the section you're viewing, you must read the pinned topics at the top of the section.


    1. Uploads
      • Upload your content without a password. Make sure you have set permissions so that everyone can access the file.
      • Only use the following upload sites. These are malware free. Links to downloads from other sites will be removed (there are many sketchy sites, and we want to protect our users): Google DriveMEGAZippyshareGitHub(only for code)
      • If you upload a virus, malware, trojans etc. your account here will be banned.
      • If you upload something which doesn't work you will receive a forum warning.
      • Do not use services that make you money from links. This is NOT ALLOWED, and your content will be removed.
    2. Broken files
      • If you are too lazy to read the instructions to use a file, do not report the file as broken unless you are 100% certain it actually isn't working.


    CSV Attack Scripts / Any Config File made for MyBot explict

    1. All Files posted on the Forums are free to use and edit
      • Since user contributions in this forum are not officially released with bot, they are not protected under any GNU/GPL license.  Any member of MyBot.run can download, use, or edit as they choose.
    2. While no User license gets applied, we hope that the Users follow the GPL License
      • We prefer and expect anyone posting a modified script will include the original authors name in the header text, then add their name as modifying author of the original work, just like developers do in actual bot functions.  BUT, we can not control if community follows this practice.
    3. Direct Plagiarism will be deleted immediately
      • If someone posts a CSV script with no changes from original work, when original author is still active in forum and without permission from author, these threads will be removed.  These are removed as these are typically created solely to artificially boost forum reputation, while providing no benefit to community.
    4. Any Declarations about unique Copyright will be removed from files / posts
      • This action is required as MBR can not control community use of individually copyrighted codes/scripts.  Therefore we must remove them to avoid potential legal actions against use for distributing copyrighted material not owned my MBR.  This action is similar to requirement for download sites to remove copyrighted music/programs uploaded by users.


    If you do not follow these simple chatbox rules, you WILL be banned from the chat.

    1. Bot Support
      • It is under no circumstance allowed to ask for (or give) bot support in the chat.
    2. Clan advertising or advertising
      • Do not advertise your clan in the shoutbox, unless someone specifically asks for one.
      • The forum rules ALSO apply for the shoutbox.
      • Please use no bad language or give staff abuse in the shoutbox either or you will get banned. If you spam or make senseless posts in the forum to get access to the shoutbox, you will get a shoutbox ban and a warning!
    3. Spamming
      • Do not spam in the chat or post bad/harmful content. This could very well lead to an overall forum ban on your account too.
    4. Language
      • Do not use excessive bad language or abuse others especially Staff. You will either receive a warning, a chat ban or a forum ban depending on the severity of what you said.
    • Q: How do I get access to the chat?
      • A: You need at least 10 quality posts on the forum to gain access.
        • We do NOT tolerate people who spam posts just for this. It is absolutely easy for us to figure out if you did.


    1. Staff discretion
      • Our Staff moderate to the best of their ability and at their own discretion. You are not to publicly question their actions. If you feel that you've done nothing wrong or have been targeted, please bring this issue to one of our Administrators of the forum via a Private Message.
    2. Respect the Staff
      • If you do not like an action that a Staff Member has taken rather against you or not, please send one of the Administrators a Private Message. Do not complain about a deleted topic, post or moved topic in the forums. If you see that one of your posts or threads has been deleted or edited, do not create the post again or edit it back. Your new post will be deleted and you may be given a warning. We do not have the time to inform everyone and/or find out as to why their topic/post has been either deleted or moved. Trust that in nearly any scenario that there was a good reason and thought behind it.
  2. Have you waited at least 10 minutes to receive the email?

    • If not, please do so before posting.
    • If yes, then proceed.

    Have you checked your Spam folder for the validation email?

    • If not, please do so before posting.
    • If yes, then proceed.

    If you have completed the steps above:

    • Create new topic (Guests have access) with your username that you signed up with so an Administrator can manually validate your account.
      • It might take a little bit for an Administrator to complete this, please only post once. We will reply to your post once it's been validated.
    • If you don't include your username we cannot (easily) figure out who you are to validate your account.



    Please check the spelling of your email addresses, instead of [email protected]ail.com, we sometimes see [email protected]ial.com !! So please double check it before submitting...



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