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  1. I actually solved this by switching to another emulator, don't know if it's related to Operating System but I tried on Windows 7 64bit and Windows 10 64bit and it works. I'm currently using BlueStacks 4.80, just google and download it. It was suggested to me on the post that I quoted above. Also if you want to modify a little: Thanks to @Eviltoaster again.
  2. LOLOLOL, thank you so much @Eviltoaster, i was expecting that Bluestacks version 4.80 would be a resource hog since it's a new generation of Bluestacks but surprisingly it works well with my old laptop. Configured the FPS to 20 as suggested and lower the RAM of the emulator to around 600mb. Mates, if you are still looking for a stable and not so resource hungry emulator i suggest you try Bluestacks 4.80 with FPS set to 20. Lower the RAM if you need like my laptop with 4GB of RAM only,. No errors, restart, crash or anything at all for almost a day now. @Eviltoaster, I did not actually root BS 4.80 since I was rushing too much to see if I can use the emulator on my laptop and forgot about the root completely. Is there any advantage or would the performance be better? Ads removed or something like that? Thank you again of the help, been searching and reading a lot for the emulator that's just right.
  3. mate, rooted or non rooted and if possible can you point me in the right direction where to download it? thank you very much. (i think I will give up on installing 0.10.7, will try your suggestion or other emulator that requires low resources)
  4. sorry guys for asking a noob question, trying to catch up after a lot of years, I tried to install Bluestacks 0.10.7 rooted but after the installation it just crashes. any fix for it? Im trying to use 0.10.7 because they say its the most stable and requires less resources, considering the laptop im installing it on i really need the low maintenance one. thanks mates for helping me out in advance.
  5. @Chilly-Chill I also want to know what is your current emulator and OS? I'm trying to solve an issue that seems no one knows what causes it or whats the fix, this "File not found: C:\Users\*******\Pictures\MEmu Photo\D8E1BC298E91474CF2181936C164BB738D9F9CF1" error, the bot restarts the emulator when this appears. I'll try other emulators based from feedback from the forums. (currently using Memu with Android 4.4)
  6. please... someone help us with this "File not found" error. Edit: Still, on all of the suggestions that I have seen, tried them all for a whole day and up to now the error still keeps on coming. The emulator still restarts after that "File not found" error. The only suggestions that I haven't tried that I've seen somewhere is to use Windows 10, well not really a suggestion I thought maybe it's the cause since that guy is using Windows 10 as OS.
  7. wew, i thought it was MEmu when i started to read the 2nd post. someone please help us haha
  8. omg, i thought i finally found the right post (with solution). hopefully someone at least enlighten us regarding the error or a quick fix, I tried to just ignore it for more than a month now since emulator restarts and continue later on but if there is a fix I really hope someone knows.
  9. need someone to help here, I have exactly the same kind of issue that the bot always restart emulator (MEmu for me) with this "File not found...." error.
  10. Same here, came back after a very long time. Currently using MEmu with android 4.4.2 as per recommendation that I saw before. Working great as of now. I stayed away from Bluestacks after discovering other other emulator before when I was active but I started from there.
  11. TH: 8 Barb / Arch: 5/5 [Max on TH8] Hours/Day: 12 Telegram: no [will try to learn how to do it] Just trying to start again after almost 3 years hiatus, I have other bases but if possible I will try with this maxed out TH8 first.
  12. TH8 maxed out, only walls left, trying to figure out hot to use MyBot again after stopping for 2 years I guess. Will try with the TH8 base first. Thanks.
  13. TH8 maxed out almost, just finishing the walls Edit: Just trying out the new version since I stopped 2 years ago? just want to setup everything again and try with one of my base first. Thanks in advanced.
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