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    Turn off random click in the bot tab.
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    It's the little square below the instructions. You have to right click and download.
  3. Yes smart farm seems really fast. Put it on 10 10 and use bigger troops like giant and wizards. You're not missing a setting. While you can bot 24/7, if you don't need to then don't. Just my opinion based on botting in multiple types of games. 8 hrs or less a day is usually really safe. 8-16 hrs is a little riskier. Over 16 hrs is asking for trouble. I stay around the 15ish hr a day range and have the bot log out after each attack. Build a crows base and there's a low chance you'll be attacked when logged out. That is if you stay in gold/crystal range. I get attacked maybe once every 24 hrs even without a shield and logging out after every attack.
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