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  1. i'd monitor the temperatures to ensure they are in stable ranges. laptops typically only have one fan, maybe two. they are going to run warmer than a desktop, especially since the cpu/gpu is not as efficient as a typical desktop version. you can buy a laptop fan mat for about $15-20 and they can greatly help. i had an old laptop that would overheat and turn itself off while playing games. got a $20 mat and it was efficient enough to keep the laptop from overheating. https://www.amazon.com/Tree-New-Bee-Cooling-15-6/dp/B016PMVM7Q/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=laptop+cooling+pad&qid=1560907713&s=gateway&sr=8-5 something like this.
  2. Just reinstalled windows, having troubles reusing old memu installation. Very strange. I am experiencing a strange bug where I seemingly am required to have two full MEmu copies in order to run mybot. Just recently I got a new SSD, so I backed up my old MEmu & Microvirt folders out of my C:/ folder -- where it was originally installed. Along with that, I backed up my mybot.run folder. Windows was installed successfully, I copied and pasted over my MEmu folders and all of my instances were recovered no problem. All of them launch perfectly fine. I go to run mybot.run and I got this error: Serious error has occurred: Cannot find MEmu: [10:39:07] C:\Program Files (x86)\Microvirt\MEmu\MEmu.exe Okay.. strange, because I never had MEmu installed to my program files folder. So I humor myself and move my MEmu & Microvirt folders to Program Files(x86). Then I get a host of ADB errors, and am not able to launch MEmu anymore -- Fail to create the MemuHypver object. I humor myself again, and I make a copy of both the MEmu & Microvirt folders and have a copy in C:\ and a copy in \Program Files(x86)\ ... and then the bot & MEmu works perfectly. But that is a waste of 35gb of storage due to all of the instances installed. The bot seems to be running MEmu & gathering the instances from the installation in C:/ -- as I can delete the "MemuHyperv VMs" folder out of \program files\ and it will still run. But if I completely remove either the MEmu *or* MEmuHypverV folder out of microvirt, it breaks the bot. It doesn't matter which MEmu installation -- programfiles or C:\, removing any combination of just the MEmu folder, or HyperV folder, it will break the bot. pretty confused as to how all of this is working together. Why is it requiring 2 installations of MEmu to work properly now? I actually had my old SSD in my pc with all of my files still on it. I went back to double check to see if I had *any* MEmu related folders in \program files\ and I never did. everything was self contained in C:\ edit: i gave up and just reinstalled memu. i also went from ~30gb of space used to 12. cool, i guess.
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