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  1. Shart_my_Sheets

    Botting in CWL Champ 2 Clan

    Botting in CWL Champ 2 Clan Just curious.. if you were me. Would you bot in a clan which in Champ 2 of CWL? Is it too risky? Any chance of getting banned? I mean just farming in crystal for dead bases? Not sure if this is the right sub-forum to open this thread.
  2. Shart_my_Sheets

    Bot isn't working

    Bot isn't working
  3. Shart_my_Sheets

    Username and Password Fail

    didn't do anything. somehow it started to work again and bot is authenticated. like OMG
  4. Shart_my_Sheets

    Username and Password Fail

    Username and Password Fail Not sure what is happening. I used the same username and password to access my account but it is not working. Says whatever I inputted to be incorrect. It's the same as the forum so I am very confused. version 7.7.4
  5. Shart_my_Sheets

    How banwaves works?

    thanks a lot @DUC4TI will it be alarming to supercell if any user has 500 or maybe even 1000 farming raids a season?
  6. Shart_my_Sheets

    How banwaves works?

    I don't understand how can you even use bots in cwl and clan wars. Its a farming bot. BTW, how good is smart farm?
  7. Shart_my_Sheets

    What's the Best Emulator for PC > 3 yrs old?

    Thank you. Will give that a go!
  8. I had the same issue - and instead of going all technical - I found a simple solution. No one attacks me - maybe to drop trophies or 1 attack. I feel this is more human-like. Supercell would think you have no life so you attack all day every day but don't stay on the screen 24/7.
  9. What's the Best Emulator for PC > 3 yrs old? I searched on the forums and found the following but it was written on April 22, 2017. What's best to use right now? A >> PC more than 3 year old, SINGLE instance: #1 = BS v0.10.7 un-rooted set to 512MB memory >> lowest resources, fastest running, fewest issues #2 = Memu v2.5 - v2.86 >> if PC is more than 5 years old, may not support required virtualization and will have lag, v2.5 recently started having random wifi issues with CoC servers Note: If Memu runs without lag on your older PC, difference in resources required between #1 & 2 is less than 15%. #3 = BS v2.2 rooted set to 512MB memory or Nox or Droid4x >> About same, all work, but amount of lag depends on hardware when above have issues
  10. Shart_my_Sheets

    Can I run the bot 24/7?

    Can I run the bot 24/7? Using Bluestacks 3 and 7.7.2 version. Suppose I won't be in front of my computer for 2 days. Can I keep the bot running? I have this setting set up that - when my troops are being trained - emulator is closed - often for like 20-25 mins so the 4 hr till personal break always resets. When I start the bot - I get this message (BlueStacks2 (Android) will be automatically rebooted in 0d 10h 23m) - so what now? How can I keep it in a way that it doesn't become an inconvenience and keep on getting that gravy walls to max. Just doing dead bases down in crystal. Will this be a problem? Supercell to notice me?