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  1. [01:19:12 ب.ظ] ====================== BOT LOG ====================== [01:19:12 ب.ظ] Nox (nox) unsupported Graphics Engine / Render Mode, using OpenGL/ADB screencap [01:19:14 ب.ظ] Serious error has occurred: Cannot find Nox file: [01:19:14 ب.ظ] Nox.exe [01:19:14 ب.ظ] Android support for Nox is not available [01:19:14 ب.ظ] Unable to open Nox instance 'nox' [01:19:14 ب.ظ] Please check emulator/installation [01:19:14 ب.ظ] To switch to another emualtor, please use bot with command line parameter [01:19:14 ب.ظ] Unable to continue........ [01:19:14 ب.ظ] Cannot start Nox, please chec
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