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  1. Hi mate, Good job. All the Best.

    Ciao Roberto, Benvenuto nel Club di MBR. Se hai bisogno di chiarimenti non hai che da chiedere. Saluti
  3. Hi mate, I hope you''ll update your mod to 7.4.1 version for BS users to don't have loop at start of bot. I saw you have some Lavaloons csv from mine in your attack csv (version 1.6) I suggest you to add (or replace) with external edge version that work for TH9/TH10/th11. EXTERNAL EDGE VERSIONS FARMING IN TITAN 4100-4300 TROPHIES http://www.mediafire.com/file/xca1lslh0oh5ygd/AnDrOmEdA_LavaLoon++EXT.csv 24/28 balloons, 24 minions, 2 lavas , 6 Wbs, 3 Rage, 5 Haste, in CC Balloons and Rage for TH11 or Haste for TH10 (I use it for TH9 also with 24 balloons, 20 minions, 2 lavas , 3 Rage, 3 Haste, in CC Balloons and Haste) here is a pure trophy push version tested with 2 TH11s vs TH11s live and dead base without fail: (used rage in CC) https://imgur.com/a/Gzlvf http://www.mediafire.com/file/tjvjsjbwpi3facx/AnDrOmEdA_LavaLoon_UNDEFEATABLE_EXT.csv 24/28 Balloons,20/25 Minions,1/2 BabyD,3 Rage,5 Haste, in CC Balloons and Rage for TH11 or Haste for TH10 (could be use for TH9 to push also with 24 balloons, 20 minions, 2 lavas , 3 Rage, 3 Haste, in CC Balloons and Haste) HERE A 5 RAGE PLUS RAGE FROM CC VERSION (only for TH11) http://www.mediafire.com/file/1hx7yb3zy2cd4ge/AnDrOmEdA_LavaLoon_5+RAGE_UNDEFEATABLE_EXT.csv 2 lavas, 24/28 Balloons,20 Minions,1/2 Drags or 2/4 BabyD,5 Rage,1 Haste, in CC Balloons and Rage Take present that all my csv support more troops and spells like heal and freeze than suggested but these are more powerful combos. All search setting are write in my topic if someone is interested. Thanks for your work. All my Best.
  4. Hi mate, you could try to change : COCBot/functions/Config/ScreenCoordinates.au3 Line 135 Global $aRequestTroopsAO[6] = [802, 593, 0x82CB2C, 0xE0F985, 0xA4A4A4, 15] ; Button Request Troops in Army Overview (x,y, Gray - Full/No Castle, Green - Available or Already, White - Available or Full) Regards
  5. What emulator are you using? If you use BS could use to fix in registry http://www.mediafire.com/file/45jqutttl1gbzl5/BluestacksResolution.zip Regards
  6. Hi mate, here you could find what are you looking for: Regards
  7. Hi mate, it's enough to empy your army camps and restart PC. That's all !!! Regards
  8. Question about REMAIN in a script file

    Hi mate, here you could find what are you looking for: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/82-compilation-modifications/ It's enough to look at feature of every mod (I suppose all of them include that) Anymore I include that command line deployement in my csv to be sure that all army camp will be empty at the end of attack for next training, it is not for strategy. Honestly I'm still using an old version of bot fixed to work without issue that you could find here: It's a simple mod with just features that I need to play my accounts. Hope this could help you. Regards
  9. Hi Andromeda, I saw so many th11's csv's from you which one is the best for th11?

    1. AnDrOmEdA


      Hi mate,

      depends what do you need to push or to farm?

      Next time Write in thread please.


  10. Hi mate, It's enough to run bat file from http://www.mediafire.com/file/snf0jqissqku4k5/Clean_uninstall_BS.zip Inside there is a link to Bluestacks page for clean unistall of previous registry installations. Regards Hi mate, what OS are you using? have you installed .Net framework required? Regards
  11. Hi mate, try to follows these : if you have installed any version Of BS disinstall it and use this before new installation: http://www.mediafire.com/file/snf0jqissqku4k5/Clean_uninstall_BS.zip after that install http://www.mediafire.com/file/qijzi99w39a01nq/BlueStacks+Rooted+ http://www.mediafire.com/file/45jqutttl1gbzl5/BluestacksResolution.zip set your Google account and after use this http://www.mediafire.com/file/sad7878qd5nnrg9/BlueStacks+Registry+Security+Fix+update06032106.reg after that if you want to reduce memory usage of Bs ( set to 500 mb) look at here Regards
  12. Consiglio su come impostare bot per farmare con th8

    Ciao, io ho usato questa strategia per ogni muni che ho dovuto farmare: Spero di esserti stato d'aiuto. Usa la versione 1.2 che è più efficace. 10/12 Giga- 8/10 maghi, 50% barbari- 50% archi Ricorda di tenere un muratore libero per poter finire le mura. Saluti
  13. Looking for pure GOWIVA CSV

    FOR TH10-TH11 ATTACK MAX TH10 IN TITAN MIN 3000 DE 160K G+E 12 GIANTS or 2 golems, 14 WIZ, 6 WBS, 14 VALKS IN CC GIANTS FOR TH9 ATTACK MAX TH9 IN CHAMP MIN 2000 DE 160K G+E 2 golems, 6 WBS, 15 WIZ, 11 VALKS or 2 GOLEM, 6 WBS, 15 WIZ, 11 VALKS IN CC GIANTS spells: 3 rage, 3 Eq plus EQ in CC by TH9 4 rage, 3 Eq plus EQ in CC by TH10 3 rage, 4 Eq plus rage in CC by TH11