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  1. Salve, se hai bisogno di suppurto non hai che da chiedere. Saluti. PS. ciao Ciccio!!!
  2. You are welcome, mate. Regards
  3. Hello mate, I use it when I was TH9 and if you don't set well searches setting you can't push trophies if you don't have maxed troops level. You have to know that if you are a Th9 you cannot attack Th10 without fails, (csv it's not a magician trick!!!) Set live base to max th9 and dead base max th10 if you want to farm, max th9 for dead and live base if you need to push trophies without fails. Honestly I can't undestand why a TH9 want to push, I pushed until Titan just with my first account and after that I didn't care about, We need to gain resources to upgrade buildings, heroes, etc. This is my poor opinion. Best regards.
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