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  2. I'm glad to present my first Autoit Program called "MyUpdator" What this program does ? It automatically get the latest version of mybot and save your profiles folder. It actually supports 3 Versions : Original,AIO,CHILL. Download ! How to use it ? - If it's the first time you use it just put your profiles folder on temp folder - Select the version you wanna choice and click on download button It's my first program so if you have any suggestions or ideas to improve i would happy to hear them. Enjoy it !
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  4. Some cannot find error Hello, I have lot of error with mybot on all my account, have you got an idea for why ? error picture
  5. i dun know what to do to fix my bot. I checked the box "drop trophys~ 100" and "attack only if loot is available". It worked well in the past. To use party wizard, I used different MOD. And I deleted all the bot and profile. I reinstalled this Bot and all the things work well except BBplay. How can I use BBplay again? T.T
  6. Your posts and profile pic give me a giggle everytime i'm here! haha
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  8. Arkadaşlar Saldırı Planı -> Arama&Saldırı -> Ölü Köy -> Ordu Kampı İçine 100 yazip başlatın sorun düzeliyor
  9. 10tl çekti hesaptan 1 seferliğine çekiyor sanırsam doğrumudur ?
  10. if someone can give a hint in what script to look at I can try to fix this myself
  11. Funny. I do Not belive this. Do not waste your time with that. go to elementary school and steal the children's break bread.
  12. Looking for cool new members. Lvl 16 clan. Trying to get my clan relevant again Looking for th10 or higher bases wanting to join and have fun. Not super competitive but we want to win!! PM me if you are interested.
  13. Attack New Button Now I have to test the Attack Button, csv, AIO mod 7.7.6 is also not working, can you help
  14. I've had the same problem since today. I have turned off my firewall but it still doesn't work ahhh what should I do With me too ahhh what should I do there is always to the last day
  15. RBRT thanks for your response. I have tried to install that version, it won't connect to internet at all. This lead me to believe something is blocking bluestacks. I've gone over every setting I could think of with my virus protection, matching it to other pc's setting where bluestacks is working fine. I've even disabled all protection services to no avail. I'm sure its something simple, I'm trying to find that before I perform a wipe. Thanks again.
  16. Та же проблема. При этом совершенно новые аккаунты и работают на Memu
  17. You used the bot 24/7 knowing that they could ban you and those are the consequences.
  18. Bot keeps switching back and forth between builder/main base So the bot sometimes gets stuck in this loop of switching back and forth between the builder base and the main base. I can't seem to figure out what causes it or how to prevent it. It may persist in doing so for hours at a time without any alternative action. I've had to restart the bot whenever I see this bug to fix it. I've attached a gif of what I mean below. Thanks for any help. the bug
  19. Same problem here, was anyone found anything to fix this?
  20. vậy cách sử dụng bot an toàn a có thể chỉ e dc k ạ
  21. Cái này mình chịu à, chưa biết SC nó quét dựa vào cái gì.
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