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  3. Been botting 24/7 since 3 years ago, no problems so far.
  4. How to set all this Up. Maybe a tutorial setup would be appreciated.
  5. 1. Go to Profiles directory > Profile name and open config.ini ... 2. Change emulator=Nox to emulator=Bluestacks 1 or 2 Note: For BS 2,3 and 4 you will use Bluestacks2 3. Change instance=Nox to instance=Android If you don't know how to do any of that, download this tool: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/39507-smart-csv-setup/ Go to extra and click on emulator changer. Select the profile folder location and the app will do everything else for you. Have a fun.
  6. Cứ combo 12 giant, 90 bar, 120 arch thôi
  7. nếu bác chưa làm được thì thử hình dưới xem, chỉnh về số 2 https://imgur.com/a/WX1Fsxu
  8. brom hangi klandasın ben de gelmek isterim aktif bağış varsa
  9. Thank you. I started this a few days ago, took ten minutes to write it. I can't believe I didn't do that when I started botting. My bots are ALWAYS working now ! Best tweak I ever did for MyBot. That and tweaking the sleep function to reduce CPU usage by half.
  10. we are back recruiting members for the clan,so from now on if you answer to this post at my eariest convience ill send you the details
  11. The 6th new builder guys can anyone tell me is there a fix to memu that keep restarting , when i leave the added builder to the main town ?
  12. Sorununuzu ayrıntılı olarak yazar mısınız
  13. Are you serious? Nobody will have clear cut details on any of this. Unless they work for SC themselves...it’s all speculation.
  14. Yesterday
  15. [HOW-TO] Bot 24/7 and relaunch on crash Hello everyone, Let's be honest, if you let the bot run 24/7, at some point it's gonna crash. I have four bots with 10 villages running non-stop and everyday something random happens: a black window, can't find army window, adbhandle not found, unavailable sharedfolder, etc. A simple restart solves it, but running the bot command with /restart is not enough as if it's an emulator failure it won't be solved until you close any emulator process. So I wanted to share how I prevent ANY random issue from happening on my setup. Basically, I relaunch every emulator and bot every three hours + I check every five minutes if a bot is frozen and relaunch if positive. Not manually of course. Script I to launch all bots Start.cmd Script II to get admin rights, kill all the emulators and launch Script I. KillRestart.cmd Script III to get admin rights and kill any hung process and launch Script I if it found a process hanging KillHung.cmd A software to schedule these scripts I use Z-Cron, you can find it here: https://www.z-cron.com/ It's completely free and very easy to use. My setup is as follows: Mybot folder on desktop Scripts in a "Scripts" folder in the MyBot folder Z-Cron starts as a service (just tick the box in the settings) Script two gets launched in hidden mode every three hours to restart every bot Script three gets launched in hidden mode every five minutes to check if any bot is frozen I hope that will help those of you who, like me, were losing precious botting time. Don't hesitate in giving rep if it was helpful Cheers Joachim PS: And I use another script to load a specific profile without restarting all I manually modify the config.ini of all my profiles to make sure the right emulator and instance is set so I don't need more argument than the profile name. Select.cmd
  16. Can we stop spamming this thread with especially "I think ..., he thinks..., they think..." expressions. This and "I recieved ban" topic are about the most important thing which is safety of our accounts. We really dont need to know your feelings about what will happen to protect our accounts safe. Instead we are ready to read if you have some clear and verified details on that. Thanks.
  17. At one point in time, you could put user created bmp images in the imgxml folders. Not sure if it still works? Needed to follow the same naming format. There also used to be a 'test wall' button in the developer debug to help with development of images, but appears it is test image button now? There is one problem: The encoded xml images have a huge speed advantage. Can't remember all the details, but remember reading that bmp images end up with ~1 second matching speed, while XML image chunks can process at 25-50 per second with same pixel chunk size. The difference is tolerable for buttons, or single location matching. But wall finding code processes almost the entire playing field, with a massive stack of images, and the difference in speed will be astronomical. Using bmp images you return the bot back to version 2.0 CoCbot where wall image matching for wall upgrades took 2-3 minutes on fast machine, and 5+ minutes on bare minimum PC.
  18. [Help] Giúp đỡ mình combo farm Th12 với ạ. Ai giúp mình combo để farm dầu hồng vs vàng ở TH12 với ạ. Không dùng dầu đen để còn nâng tướng nữa.
  19. window resize didn't work This is what the log says after i load the bot: [22:34:56] MEmu window resize didn't work, screen is 620 x 730 [22:34:56] MEmu window resize didn't work, screen is 620 x 730 [22:34:57] MEmu window resize didn't work, screen is 620 x 730 [22:34:58] MEmu window resize didn't work, screen is 620 x 730 [22:34:58] MEmu window resize didn't work, screen is 620 x 730 [22:34:58] MEmu window cannot be resized, abort The emulator also moves around the place whilst it is trying to resize
  20. Clash of clans da fazla vaktim olmuyor YYardımcı olur musunuz?
  21. Is this still safe supper cell said they are reinforcing fair play soon will this be a problem with me getting ban and if so should i go on with this
  22. 2 spots open!! PM me if you want them!! League war players only for now!! We bot 24-7 baby! Still need a clan?
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