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  2. @NguyenAnhHD Hey, In The next update of this mod, could you please add Humanization Settings Read the Clan Chat [Never - Very Often] Read the Global Chat [Never - Very Often] Say... [Your Text] or [Your Text] [Never - Very Often] Launch Challenges with message [Your Text] [Never - Very Often] Watch Defenses [Never - Very Often] Watch Attacks [Never - Very Often] Max Replay Speed [1 - 4] Pause Replay [Never - Very Often] Look at War log [Never - Very Often] Visit Clanmates [Never - Very Often] Look at Best Players [Never - Very Often] Look at Best Clans[Never - Very Often] Look at Current War [Never - Very Often] Max Replay Speed [1 - 4] Pause Replay [Never - Very Often] Do nothing [Never - Very Often] Max Actions by Loop [1 - 5] Collect achievments automatically Look at red/purple flags on buttons Make ALL BOT clicks random Thank you
  3. Snowy22

    Clã LVL 10 Farming Bot 24 horas On.

    TH8 Quase full ( só falta muro ) Sou completamente iniciante( iniciei hoje com o bot ) e gostaria de aprender a usar o bot direito.
  4. [TH9] CSV GoWitch - Trophy push I'am need csv about gowitch with curators, this is very strong in the meta, I do not find anything in the forum
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  6. just a suggestion, can you make a smart donate so basically before it attacks it would train the troops people are asking for and would donate those troops or trains them before your army and donate them as soon as they're trained
  7. ryans64s

    i cant find the window again

    i cant find the window again i enabled "hide when minimized" or whatever its called, then minimized it. much better, its gone from sight. but how do i get it back?
  8. Hey I'm so glad this mod is updated! Have been waiting for fc mod and such I tried using the sendchat feature with telegram.. It works but not quite. I did /bot myvillage1 SENDCHAT (MESSAGE) but in chat what actually appeared was "illage1 SENDCHAT (message) lol having that appear in clan chat is hard to justify
  9. Yesterday
  10. DUC4TI

    Dropping a Spell

    best way to figure this out is to test it in a friendly challenge in your clan
  11. Thx - will have a look & fix should be ready soon... Cheers, cosote.
  12. Need active botting clan to donate in I bot 24/7 and need a clan full of similar members. I am a new th10 with lvl 10 barbs & arch. As I said, I bot 24/7 and will always donate and request whatever is required. Please PM me if you have a clan that is similar to what I am looking for.
  13. When is the hotfix update coming? Just wondering, can't wait for it.
  14. Try disabling you anti virus, I have Kaspersky and it seems to not send pictures if Kaspersky is enabled.
  15. sn00pl27

    Dropping a Spell

    Dropping a Spell Would this be correct to drop 3 Freeze spells on this Point in a 5 seconds interval? DROP |A |1 |3 |FSPELL |5000 |0 |6000 | | |
  16. Obscuritas

    Telegram mybot

    I did everything shown in this article, but I still don't get these icons at the bottom of the chat to remote control them. I get notifications about the attacks and my army.
  17. Thanks! Now I understand, why I wrote strange things in the chatbox!
  18. Same problem here....emulator Memu 3.6.2
  19. digbick

    wall upgrades

    wall upgrades if i select auto wall upgrade, will the program upgrade any wall, even if i have say "search for level 10 walls" selected. will it upgrade any wall it can find ?
  20. Hi, my problem is that the bot crashes at loading screen. I have 7 instamces(and 7 bots) running at the moment and when I want to start the 8 the bot loads till 3/4 and then it crashes. I don't think it is because of the power of my pc because with the official mybot version I was able to run 10 bots
  21. Hem özelden hem de buradan yardımcı olduğunuz için teşekkür ederim
  22. işaretli olan kısmı tıkla mola saatine saate gel dimi otomatik coc tan çıkacak ve 18 dak sonra yeniden giriş yapıcak
  23. A bot will speak for you based on what the other says. Through a phantomjs library, we call cleverbot with a script called phantom-cleverbot-helper.js, we put within that call the text of the chat found. To be more explicit, visit https://www.cleverbot.com/ and understand.
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