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  3. Now that you mentioned it, thanks man I will give it a try haha
  4. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/82-compilation-modifications/
  5. What all these guys said, BUT, if you don't care of higher chance of being banned, i saw a botter get a 2 star 65% on me waaaaay up at 4000 trophies, using loonion.
  6. Yesterday
  7. the bot is a 32bit application. Any windows computer will run it without a problem.
  8. The bot does not work if the computer is not 16 bit?
  9. You do realize there are over 100 million, as reported, people playing CoC? What you & others are describing is billions upon billions of data to analyze. I don't think that's how SC is approaching it.
  10. yeah, i feel sorry for those that got banned.. i know that people are reporting people that look like bots now. they are saying they are and how to do it on the supercell main forum.. to me if the botters get banned, coc will not be as enjoyable for me and even though it sounds weird, i will spend less time playing clash "manually" than i do with the bot.. i actually play manually all all the time with the bot altering stuff, doing my manual attacks in wars, clan games, builder base stuff.. it's the bot that makes the game more fun for me which in turn makes me buy more stuff on the game. but now if the botting days are done, so is my daily gaming on coc and never spending a dime on the game again.... it's been a good 4-5 years of botting thanks all
  11. yes light mod has this feature but i would not use this. Because in builder base more players are watching the replays and the attack looks like a bot
  12. 1. Make sure not to check the "auto run on startup" button 2. Don't manually hit the start button You will be 100% safe, which is actually better than the 99.9% than you were requesting.
  13. If you’re breaking TOS, it’s impossible to be completely safe. And MyBot breaks TOS. To answer your question, NO, there is no way to make it 100% safe
  14. Only works with Custom Train
  15. light mod has this feature, although its pretty bot-like, so somewhat risky to use.
  16. I think chill mod has that feature... Unfortunately its not on the latest version jet...
  17. Wow, Everyone is getting so frustrated trying to force everyone to agree with their point of view on this. It's just page after page going in circles with the same arguments. At this point it should be obvious that some people feel comfortable continuing to bot, while others don't, and that each side isn't going to convince the other haha. Anyways, I just wanted to toss in an alternative viewpoint on the technical side. It seems that most people are approaching this as if they can change settings in order to make things safer if SC is targeting botters. I just wanted to point out the fact that if they are looking to find bots, there are countless ways of doing it without relying on neural nets, or behaviours, or patterns or any of that stuff. For instance, an average person when he clicks the next button, he will click it in random spots each time. A bot on the other hand will click in the exact same spot every single time, millions of times in a row. SC, could just include a program where if the same pixel is clicked 100 times, boom, it's a bot. Again, there are dozens of such tricks. If you read up on googles "I am a human" check box, you can see that bots simply are not able to click things the same way that humans are. The technology is there to catch this stuff easily. Really, it's just a case of if they care enough to ban everyone or not. It seems like the previous bans have been targeted at the higher ranked CWL clans. They went through and cleaned out all the people that were using bots in them. It looks like it might have been a manual process. While everyone is asking for proof, and then calling all the proof fake, and asking for more proof, etc. It seems like there have been bans, but it was likely related to that. Who know what future bans will be though. Will they be high leagues, low leagues, everyone? That's their choice. From a technological standpoint, they can easily find the bots, and they can easily ban the bots. It's just a case of waiting to see what they decide to do in my mind. Us sitting here and picking fights with each other and yelling at the people that have been banned seems kind of silly though.
  18. It's just a haha theory, but any low league to crystal, in my opinion, doesn't draw so much attention farming in just dead villages ..
  19. Don't need to be so direct and rude lol This was his/her concern in case he/she overlooked or was busy and away from the PC the entire day.
  20. Hi there, thanks for your reply and clarification.. So if you were to refer back to my screenshot above, my pekka should come out first followed by barbarians and archers. This combo is set on my quick train as well but as I was observing the bot, my pekka was placed 3rd instead of 1st to cook according to priority or training order. Please test this up tyvm.
  21. run 2 bots? how do you go about doing this?
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