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  2. i wouldn't recommend on main account, there is always some risk
  3. I am having the same issues I think the servers are down or there is a bug with the bot.
  4. My bot only answers me with HELP is not a command chief. What should I do??
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hİguys. we have several new clan members, but it will be 50/50 in 1-2 weeks. just let friends who want to level up send me a message. donations will be mixed.
  7. Hello, The bot stops the attack. and constantly travels between 2 villages. Although hall attack is off. In this case, I cannot loot.
  8. Find out what is removing it. It will be whatever antivirus, antimalware, spyware software etc yoiu may be running. Make sure you add exceptions to them all. You can try temporarily disabling them one by one and extracting the bot to find out specifically which one is causing the problem.
  9. Hey, been using the bot for a while, but with these ban waves it seems a whole bunch of players are getting banned. Since i use it on my main, do supercell perma ban you if youre caught with no prior notice? Or is it a 2 week ban
  10. Boa Tarde, Gostaria de saber se por acaso o bot ele consegue funcionar enquanto o pc ele ta suspenso ou esta no modo hibernar? Pois gostaria de pelo menos poder fechar a tela do meu notebook e deixar o bot rodando automaticamente
  11. pllease install AutoIT if you don't have it installed. Then run the bot using MyBot.run.au3 next time you get the error it will display more information. Please screenshot it and post it here. Thanks
  12. still not getting ban , MBR version 7.8.2 , bluestacks 10.7.5601 , window 7 , th 13 max , hallow extreme mass miner , scripted attack , 8 hours a day , trophy 2000 up to 2600
  13. hi, every time after extracting the bot application disappears. ive already excluded the file in my antivirus and tried reinstalling several times. Any method to fix it?
  14. If you're maxed in one of the bases you'd probably want an option to attack only once a day for the season points.
  15. [下午 01:57:19] Set BlueStacks2 Display Font Scale to normal [下午 01:57:20] BlueStacks2 (Android) will be automatically rebooted in 0d 23h 59m [下午 01:57:23] Launch Clash of Clans now... [下午 01:57:24] Unable to load Clash of Clans, install/reinstall the game. [下午 01:57:24] Unable to continue........ [下午 01:57:24] ===================== Bot Stop ====================== what happened?😭
  16. Pode ser algum delay que você configurou nesse perfil lento, cheque todas as opções disponíveis no bot, qualquer coisa tente apagar um perfil e criar novamente.
  17. Last week
  18. display resolution is too low for the emulator,put the taskbar (click on taskbar whit mouse button pressed ) and put it on the right .
  19. I’ve tried new version, and goblin xp still doesn’t work properly. Sometimes it scrolls too much and skips “the arena”
  20. how can repair this error 20:57:02] WELCOME CHIEF, YOU HAVE THE LATEST MYBOT VERSION [20:57:02] Display: 1366,768 [20:57:02] Windows TaskBar: 1366,40 [20:57:02] Emulator[732] and taskbar[40] doesn't fit on your display! [20:57:03] Please set your Windows taskbar location to Right!
  21. TH9 King 15 Queen 15 Want to donate/receive Botting and manual playing all day
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