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Found 3 results

  1. TOP Botting/War Clan Around. Level 19 Clan. Description: Level 19 War/Botting Clan Botting members only English speaking Maxed out Clan games every time! CWL Wars available Requirements: Townhall 12+s Only Must BE ACTIVE Always requesting and donating troops Participate in Clan Games Keyword donations: Any, anything, def Blacklist (DO NOT DONATE): War, maxed, max Troops to not donate: Wall breakers and gobs (unless requested) DO NOT USE THE WORD "BOT" or "MYBOT" in the CHAT! *We have a lot of trophy pushers recently using lavaloons therefore, IF you are requesting and pushing, PLEASE DONATE Loons with the KEY WORDS: loons and balloons Spell donate: Rage: Key word: Rage If not, this will cause an issue with a lot of trophy pushers requesting and no one donating... How to join: Only one way to enter: 2) Private message me on the forums here and clan name will be given plus secret word needed to join! 3) Reply to this thread with the following info: - Townhall Level - Hero Levels - Hours per day you bot - Do you war? (If you say yes, we expect you to be skilled and attack every war) - Do you have Discord? Space is very limit. Little Bit About Our Us: We've been in the game since 2013 so 7 years and most of the members have been in the clan for over 5 years! A lot of them are from this page (Mybot) so we are all accustom to how the bot works. However, every player in the clan is intelligent meaning that they do not talk about the bot in the clan, are able to follow directions, and able to set up their bots properly to avoid donating incorrectly. If you cannot follow simple rules, there's a lot of subpar clans in this forum that you can join. That being said, we are a fun bunch and donating A LOT! Come join the top botting/war clan in the game!! We had over 1000+ replies in our previous post but MYBOT shut down the recruitment page and we are now starting over!
  2. ......:::::: [Level 18] + [CG/CWL] + [TH-12 Trophy Push Clan] ::::::...... We're rebuilding a level 18 clan and are seeking new members who are active (botter or not), and can hold up in CWL and clan games. NO rushed or engineered bases please. Stats: ● Current level: 18 ● Wars Won: 398 ● Clan Type: TH-12 Trophy Pushing and Farming Core rules: ● English and Tagalog only in chat ● Donate when you can and donate only requested troops ● Donation: Lava, Balloon, Giants, Rage, Haste and other troops occasionally War rules: ● Must be TH-12 to participate in wars ● Must use both of your raids in wars ● Aim for 3 stars (no half-assed raids) ● When you can't war, opt out (i.e. when hero's upgrading) Clan game rules: ● All members must get at least 1000+ points Requirements to join: ● TH-12, must not have a rushed base ● Must be active ● Must be loyal, NO hopper How to Apply: ● Apply via Direct Message @KiIISwitch, send your "Friend in Need Achievement" and "Troops levels including profile screenshots"
  3. The bot is not attacking th12, it keeps on skipping it. it just attacks th 11 and sometimes attacks a no resource base which i have not set up in the settings. please fix this bug on the bot
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