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Found 12 results

  1. supercell id cannot switch

    supercell id cannot switch hello I have a problem my bot does not switcht with the supercell id I have the log times in here would be happy about an answer :27:59] -------------- Current Profile: gamer -------------- [09:27:59] MEmu (MEmu) will be automatically rebooted in 1d 0h 0m [09:27:59] Trying to locate Main Screen [09:28:03] Waiting for Main Screen [09:28:06] Main Screen located [09:28:07] Detecting your Buildings.. [09:28:09] Detecting your Village Theme [09:28:09] Normal Theme detected [09:28:13] Language setting is English: Correct. [09:28:13] Switch Account enable for 2 accounts [09:28:13] - Account [1]: gamer - Active [09:28:13] - Account [2]: CloudyMC - Active [09:28:13] Let's start with Account [1] [09:28:13] Switching to Account [1] [09:28:14] 1. Click Connected Supercell ID [09:28:38] Switching account failed! [09:28:39] Trying to locate Main Screen [09:28:49] Please wait for CoC restart..... [09:28:50] Waiting for Main Screen [09:28:59] Main Screen located [09:28:59] Waiting for Main Screen [09:28:59] Rematching Account [1] with Profile [gamer] [09:28:59] Switching to Account [1] [09:29:00] 1. Click Connected Supercell ID [09:29:23] Switching account failed! [09:29:25] Trying to locate Main Screen [09:29:27] Rematching Account [1] with Profile [gamer] [09:29:27] Switching to Account [1] [09:29:27] Rematching Account [1] with Profile [gamer] [09:29:27] Switching to Account [1] [09:29:28] ===================== Bot Stop ====================== pls help me
  2. supercell id проблема после щита После долгой игры без щита выкидывает из игры, потом бот тыкает на "релог" и появляеться окно входа в "суперсел ИД" как это фикситься? Сам ввести пароль он не может
  3. Beug du supercell id

    Beug du supercell id Hello to you, I have a problem I order boot poses every 4 hours to the robot, but it does not deco immediately and the account is deconnecting, the robot leaves the account by hanging blocking the supercell id (choose the account) what to do?
  4. مشکل سوپر سل آیدی سلام بر همه توی آخرین ورژن که میشه 7.5.3 من یک مشکل پیدا کردم زمانی که ربات رو استارت میکنی خیلی اوکی همه چی کار میکنه بعد از یکی دو ساعت یهو میای بالا سیستم میبینی توی صفحه ی سوپر سل آیدی ، که یک گزینه هم داره بدون اکانت سوپر سل باز شه گیر کرده ، کسی مثل مشکل من رو داره ؟ راه حلی هست ؟
  5. Change to SC ID ?

    Change to SC ID ? Hello , I got 3 accounts , main 2 still on google play while my mini is linked to SC ID .. So do u suggest I should change all the 3 accounts to be SC ID linked ? Will this make it easier for mybot to switch using the prefs ? Or there is a way I can do to switch from my google play to SC ID using mybot automatically ? Any help is appreciated ! Thank you !
  6. My Bot with Switch Accounts Group 4 is already in use or active. I have 2 of my 3 accounts using supercell ID, an unfortunate result of Supercells and my poor account management, however, that being said. I am trying to make it so that they can log in again and i just cannot seem to get them to work. Here is a picture of my settings. I am not sure whatelse i can do to get it to work. Is there any more information needed?
  7. Supercell id,Смена аккаунтов Можете объяснить как настроить аккаунты,чтобы оба давали донат друг другу и шли по кубками(фармили и тд.)
  8. Unresponsive Supercell ID login window in Bluestack in VPS If you are using VPS, you noticed login using Supercell ID is painstakingly slow in Bluestacks. You'll have to type each character of your email (faster if you copy/paste your email) and password and wait for it to appear before you move to the next character Anyone having this issue or a solution?
  9. Personal break supercell id bug Hello, First I'm using MyBot v7.5.2 (the last one) and bluestacks 3. The bot has issue to use supercell id after a personal break, the bot simply reload bluestacks and wait for main screen infinitely. It happens every single personal break and i need to manualy log my account to make the bot work again for 4 hours. Thx for support.
  10. Unable to Login with Supercell ID afyet personal break I am using Mybot 7.5 official version with one account(supercell ID with remember this account) ran the bot and when i checked some hours later the not was stuck on supercell id scereen for hours as i checked from the log. the bot was unable to select the supercell id. providing the log below
  11. Supercell ID Sorunu

    Supercell ID Sorunu Son yapılan 7.5 güncellemesinde de aynı sorun devam etmekte. Sorun şu ki; supercell id ile giriş yap ekranı geldiğinde bot öylece kalıyor bir müdahale edilmediği sürece çalışmaya devam etmiyor. Birden fazla hesap kullanan arkadaşlarda sorun devam ediyor mu bir bilgim yok fakat tek hesap kullanan kişilerde sorun devam ediyor yardımlarınızı bekliyorum..
  12. NEW SUPERCELL ID Switch Account (Simple Click Method) with Official Version 25/06/2018 - 1.Added SUPERCELL ID Switch Acc (Simple Click). 2.Used Image Search instead of Pixel color check to improve stability and compatibility. 3.Support Upto 8 Acc. 4.Added Scan of SCIDs for Image Comparison Before click on desire Acc Slot. 4.Fixed Accidental stuck on SCID Login Page During "Main-screen Loading" process . Bot Will Never Stuck On SCID Login Page. Download Here:-MyBot-MBR_v7.5.3_AF_SCID_v1.5 (Try to use mybot.run.au3 file over exe(exe is more error prone), Copy your CSV folder, Create fresh profile)